TWO Splits & ONE Link-Up

This split-up story was first published by Miss Malini but in a ‘Blind-Item’ format in a cryptic manner. The couple aren’t that big a celeb pair that cryptic clues could have been deciphered by most. Anyway is unabashedly blunt and totally uncensored and hence would just state the facts that model turned choreographer Marc […]

Splitsville Again! Queenie and Farhad Love Story Go Awry

It was the Summer of 2009 when the Lunching Ladies of Mumbai got split in to two camps – Anju Taraporewala camp and Queenie Dhody Camp. Had to be as Queenie stole her best friend – Anju’s husband, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Farhad Taraporevala. After behement denials Queenie eventually separated with Raja Dhody, her husband of […]