A – Z of Narendra Modi

Disclaimer: This is based on personal observation of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi of a non-partisan Indian. You may agree to disgaree! A: Addicted to Acronyms; Autocratic and Authoritative B: Bol Bachchan; Bossy C: Communicator par excellence; Cryptic; Control-freak; Chai-wala D: Dominating; Daring; Dapper E: Energetic; Egoistic; Effecient F: Forceful; Favouritism; Finical G: God-Fearing H: […]


Trump-Mania Clouds GES

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the US President representing the United States for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Hyderabad has already upset The State Department and Rex Tillerson in particularly. Besides the core theme of the summit this year is“Women First, Prosperity for All” and Ivanka Trump who has a namesake fashion brand is accused […]


This Modi Shot @ Trump with Fake Gun as NaMo Spoke on Phone with POTUS

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had an hour-long telephonic chat with the US President, Donald Trump. NaMo Bhakts were on the top-of-the-world about the fact that he was the 5th global leader with whom President Trump spoke after assuming office. On the other hand, an Indian-American, Payal Modi, a Fine Arts teacher at […]


Are You A ‘GOOD’ Indian Or A ‘BAD’ Indian?

India is slowly and strategically getting a redefined and so are it’s billion plus citizens. The State, that is the Government of India and the political party that governs India – BJP are everyday preaching new standards and setting benchmarks that distinguishes a GOOD Indian from a BAD Indian. The numerous bans, the dangerous troll […]