This new daddy- Roopesh Barot- is leading a good life in the Service Apartments of The Lodi. He is an NRI from Kenya where he ran a sort of Investment company but has been in India for a while now.

Delhi seems to treat him well as the ladies of Delhi, the ones who too spends considerable amount of time at the Lodi are Roopesh’s besties. He parties with them, wines and dines with them and well, shops with them too. The ladies – a ‘jewel’, Taashu and another ’cheeky’ one are all vying for Roopesh’s attention

Seems to be a wealthy man, Roopesh spends moolah on the ,Teen Deviyan’. Guess I need not spell out their names as you must have seen this guy hangout with them. When the ladies are happy and the guy is having fun, why poke a spoke?

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