PARSONS Mumbai Announces ‘HERE’ Their Admission Program

Well takes the pride in breaking the news that Parsons is opening an associate school in Mumbai. It was in mid November 2012 when fashionscandal broke the news: PARSONS To Open A Campus In MUMBAI November 16 2012 Followed it with another breaking news: PARSONS Is Finally Here, In MUMBAI February 07 2013 […]

Are They Peddling Cocaine to Run Nightclubs?

Cocaine and partying are definitely no strange bedfellows. But I was stumped by this Promo on Facebook by some Club Promoter that read – ;;: COCA:;;:THE WHITE SENSATION PARTY:;;: Now that is definitely not subtle, rather it’s like shouting shouting over loudspeakers. There isn’t an iota of doubt that the promoters of the ‘Theme Night’ are […]