In 21st Century Marriages are called-off coz of Moolah

Tish Khanna, whose family owns the Rainbow Tours & Travels was to tie the knot with Mandira Puri in the first week of March 2011. Everything was set. Uncle Vicky Puri was to host a bash at Puri Farmhose and the wedding was scheduled there too. The reception was to be at the Maurya Sheraton. Cards were distributed. 

I bumped in to Tish at LAP at a party around the fag end of February and he insisted that I should come. Well that wedding never happened.

Mandira comes from a loaded family. Remember Vandana Luthra’s daughter getting married to Varun Puri? Yes it is the same Puri khandaan, which has really done well lately. Tish Khanna also comes from a well-to-do family and I jokingly asked him at LAP, “So kaun si gaddi (car) mil rahi hai?’ Tish said, “No way dude. They were insisting to buy me a watch, which too I denied.”

Now I hear that the shaadi was called off for some 5Crore moolah. Don’t know if that’s just a mud-slinging game but it’s pity that the rich class today still deal with matrimonial ties as business deals!

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  1. B says:

    holdon…i don’t understand why it was called off?

    and…hasn’t it always been the case that the rich business class only tend to marry for some business gain? lol

  2. lovetheblog says:

    no darling it not cause of money , it is cause she realized that he is bi sexual or just plain gay ! he has been known to in the gay circle , it was about time it came out !

  3. An cool blog post there mate . Thanks for the post !

  4. G says:

    Guys he recently got married to a really simple rich educated girl don’t know wht she was thinking marrying a looser like him but within few months she left him so either he is definitely gay or so greedy for money that poor girl couldn’t survive with him…..

  5. d says:

    Guys , don’t think he married for money, his family has plenty and I really doubt he is gay. So give the chap a break. By the way I have seen this wife of his and there was something very weird about her. So as far as her leaving him,I really think it was the other way around.

  6. nika says:

    Hey was just goin thru this blog and thought I’d leave a comment. I dnt knw if this tish is gay or not … Seen him hang out with both women and men…hmm maybe the boy is bi sexual. But as far as this wife of his is concerned one thing is certain … She is a FREAK.

  7. varun says:

    Who is this Tish Khanna, Other than being a travel agent? And the dude def looks gay. Even his friends in the above two posts don’t wanna defend him on that.. (or maybe it’s him) lol. What all people do for publicity. His wife must really be crazy to have married him! lol

  8. a says:

    Varun whoever he may be, he’s important enough for you to read a blog about him and leave a comment! And the above comments if anything have mentioned shit abot Tish, so I doubt he’s behind them.I knw for a fact (personal experience) , the boy is deffinately not gay. And u keep talking abt his wife ( r u his wife).Digusting to wah ur dirty linnen in a public forum like this.

  9. Ridhima says:

    Nice website. Was just browsing through & saw this article. Well this guy is pretty well known in the social circle for being a free loader & gay. I have heard people say that he comes to parties uninvited. So can’t blame the girls who keeping walking in & out of his life. Well don’t know him personally (thank god).

  10. Antz says:

    Ridima( not tht that’s ur real name) u really need to get a life and move on. He is just not interested.So make up wht ever stories u want and post whatever u want . Some ppl like u really have all the time in the world. How pathetic .

  11. Chi says:


  12. Chi says:

    Is that true true?

  13. Elina says:

    Well, he married a very Preety and Elegant NRI GIRL from Canada or the United Kingdom unsure.i heard he was tormenting her, she discovered he was gay. so she walked out on him too. I saw him wandering alone all the time.

  14. Shital says:

    Man has serious issues, I heard his newly wed NRI from Canada left him recently. He has been seen alone in recent parties. What a loser destroying many women.

  15. Shitau says:

    Indeed,absolutely useless Parsons

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