Nita Ambani’s Rs.4 Million Sari

Nita Ambani_40Lac SariBeing the wife of the richest Indian has multiple perks and that include splurging a whooping Rupees Forty Lakhs on a sari.. At the wedding of the Reliance Industries’ Group CEO – Parimal Nathwani’s son in Ahmedabad on the 3rd of February, 2014, the Ambani khaandan was in full strength and so were the aspiring Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and his side-kick, Amit Shah. Arvind Kejriwal is not entirely wrong in linking Ambani to Narendra Modi.

Sari_worldsmostexpensiveComing back to Nita Ambani’s Rs.4 million sari. The sari was designed by the director of Chennai Silks – Sivalingam and featured the reproduction of eleven paintings of Raja Ravi Varma. It took 36 skilled craftsmen 12 months at Chennai Sil Mills in Kancheepuram to hand-weave this sari, which is called ‘Vivaah Patu’ sari. The opulent sari weighs 8 kilograms and now has entered the Guinness Book of World Record.

I wonder if the radical Hindus will be up in arms against Nita Ambani for wearing a sari that has Lord of Nathdwara depicted on the blouse. Anyway I feel if Nita Ambani would have used Rupees Forty Lakhs in rehabilitating craftsmen of Kaancheepuram, she would have earned lot more appreciation.

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  1. Richa says:

    too many angles covered in one post 🙂 I have mixed feelings about it, it’s good to see a sari like this if the craftsmen were happy making it but it sucks if that’s not the case.

  2. Lovely says:

    It is an awful looking sari. Money badly spent.

  3. Laveena says:

    I applaud craftsmanship but I’m not feeling the design. I agree with you, she is in a position to ‘rehabilitate craftsman of Kaancheepuram’ or support any dying art form. That would be money well spent.

  4. Ahot says:

    I am an ardent defensor of all things high end, but even I don’t know if I can justify this in my fashionista brain. Let’s hope the craftsmen received the highest pay of their life.

    Lovely new layout by the way.

  5. Aanya says:

    I may not be able to afford a Rs.40 L saree in my entire lifetime, but I hate statements like “well she could have donated the money for a better cause”. We all can donate money for a better cause, by cutting down on our wants and sticking to the needs. There are probably far more people looking at us and saying…wow she’s got a laptop with internet connection when my entire village doesn’t have electricity ! Does that make you stop writing this blog or donate all the earnings to that village ? So be happy where you are, and if you are not, just WORK HARDER !

  6. SD says:

    Thanks Aanya, that was exactly what I was thinking. The saree was ugly, but the sentiment that she could have done a lot for the weavers, was just plain wrong.

  7. Sam says:

    Ghor Kalyug! I tell you…people these days give you no credit! LOL ….You owe me one for saving your skin 😛
    The right picture is looking beautiful now. Now Raja Ravi Verma’s soul can rest in peace 😉

  8. jack says:

    Thank you Sam!

  9. Opal says:

    I am totally for people enjoying their wealth in whatever way that gives them pleasure. However, I dont think its in bad taste to expect the super rich like the Ambanis to donate their money for good causes. She could have bought the saree AND donated some money for the weavers as well…As for the person who said, be happy where you are or work harder, pls tell me how hard Nita Ambani or the others’ of her ilk work to “justify” their worth. They are lucky just plain lucky and if they help others’, it just shows that they have the attitude of “gratitude”.

    And for the record, I am just a middle class person who often struggles to make ends meet, but I do sponsor 2 kids at the SOS village.

    Anyway, have fun whoever reads this

  10. Aanya says:

    @ OPAL…. just because of your ignorance to how much money others donate doesn’t give you the right to criticize them for their spend.

  11. Opal says:

    @ Aanya

    Do you understand English? I have not criticized anyone… just made an observation based on the post.
    Read my first sentence.

  12. Satish says:

    @Opal: Eloquently worded! Kudos to Jack for his insight as always.

    @ Aanya: can we please not sully the site by being unnecessarily hostile towards Opal and Jack? Go in peace my friend.

  13. Aanya says:

    @ OPAL… I just happened to read all lines : “She could have bought the saree AND donated some money for the weavers as well…As for the person who said, be happy where you are or work harder, pls tell me how hard Nita Ambani or the others’ of her ilk work to “justify” their worth. “

  14. Opal says:

    Thank you, Satish.

  15. God_ShaReeF says:

    Such a Milionairess will not aptly adorn such then who else.
    You, me or who.
    Better to enjoy this scoopy post where we all die to see such private inquisitive shots.
    Ye pictures dekha hai kya kahin aur PUBLISH…
    DO NOT dig too much or try to become Anna Wintour.
    Apna hadd mein reh kar apna Lungi sambhaalo yaaro.
    Wo Neeta Ambani hai to ye
    This pricey botoxed ballon picked by plucky armed
    Try to enjoy this EXCLUSIVITY @ fashScan.
    Neeta ka Saree aur hamara Lungi barobarr chhey.
    Lungi dance, Lungi dance, Lungi dance, Lungi dance….
    Mere anggne mein, Neeta ben ka hi kaam hai…
    Neeta whenEver you feel like, throw it in my courtyard.

    Aapki Lullee, Langhri, Bhooki Despo, Puraani Page3 AdaahKaara,
    Aapki hi Kambakht NaaMuraad God_ShaReeF.
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Kya aapke andar ki God, ShaReeF hai.
    HisSs hiss Hi’s’…

  16. Laveena says:

    @God_ShaReeF Hilarious! What should she throw in your courtyard? Her ‘too pink’ saree? You have to bang her son’s car to earn big bucks.

  17. God_ShaReeF says:

    Dear Laveena
    I love your humour 🙂
    “And the Lord on Blouse”.
    But inn logon par ungli kaun utthaayega…
    Woh to dharti se hi utth jaayega.
    Poorna Viraam (!)

    Dekho na how ‘Ambhaani Jr banging’ being banged in Media Coffers with plenty of bucks.
    Saala kisi TRP baaz channel ne story nahi utthaaya.
    ‘Bit of’ sufficed by Zee news story for 1/2 times but later even their website became null in this HEAVY case.
    Nalla Nalla Obese Junior Ambhaani!

    Chalo. Mummy ji to saree pehan hi liya.
    Inn Riches ka bas yahi kaam hai.
    Birkin lattkaao. Party mein ghuss jaao.
    Gareeb girls ka baat karo.
    Kuch aur nahi toh…
    Lord ko blouse pe lagaao.
    How Mhaneesh Arora, I swear… Usska taanka wahan bitthaaya, jahan nahi tha, unggli ghusaaya…
    Ek Auto wale ki kasam who dated “one” ace designer 🙂
    Laveena teri kasam!!!
    Pyaar to aakhir pyaar hai.

  18. Europe2020 says:

    Every woman likes to fulfil her desires in clothes and jewels, i see nothing wrong with wearing a £40,000 saree…many British, American and European celebrities wear clothes that are much more expensive. Tastes are individual too, maybe Nita Ambani is an art lover and wanted to wear a saree depicting India’s highest artist’s work. However that said, India is a starving country so when such wealthy people fulfil their desires by spending obnoxiously, I just hope they spend an equal amount donating to charity as well..after all India is a country where some women are wearing 40 lakh rupee sarees while others barely have a half torn piece of cloth to cover their bodies….so I just hope for every expensive saree Mrs. Ambani wears …she also donates an equal amount to the lesser privileged…surely she can afford to ..otherwise its just wrong.

  19. Raj Purandaria says:

    What people do not understand is this – it is FAR BETTER for rich people to spend their money than to hoard it. When they spend, the money goes back into the system – to workers, to manufacturers, etc. and feeds an entire ecosystem. It would be far worse for the economy and for the masses if Neeta Ambani decided to wear a Rs. 10,000 saree and keep the remainder of the Rs. 40 lakhs in the bank. So rejoice!

  20. This money could have been used for some more meaningful purposes .

  21. Garvita Sharma says:

    Wearing a saree of whatever price is her OWN CHOICE. She worked hard to earn up all that money! She can spend it on anything she wants to.

    And she has done a lot of social work along with donations and funded underprivileged children so they can go to school. So don’t point fingers at people you don’t know about. Its always easier to blame people for all the wrong reasons.
    And as per her CHOICE and design of the saree, isn’t it her life?
    If she likes it, she’ll wear it!

  22. guru says:

    I think she has indeed given job for several people doing this and did good for our economy. Simply keeping money idle will not bring any boost to our economy! US and other developed nations largely dependant upon spendthrifts!!

  23. takeMyComment says:

    Definitely that Pink Saree cant be woven in Kanchi. it looks so thin, it definitely cant be 8KG.

  24. Sweta says:

    Its her money n her wish… With the kind of money she has, she deserves to live even more lavishly if she wants to… Moreover I think she’s doing social causes too for years now, that surely isn’t hidden from any of us..



  26. sandman says:

    i think purchasing 40 lakhs saree is good as she is reviving the art and u giving the money to the weavers just like that … its better she is purchasing something and the money goes to them and they continue doing the same work….. so indirectly she is helping the weavers , the art and self

  27. olcdog says:

    The very fact that all you people have so much time and energy to waste commenting on a sari speaks very poorly about all of you. Find a good hobby

  28. Laveena says:

    Haha olddog, you just contradicted yourself. Commenting is important, to voice and throw light on the essence of what matters or simply to entertain others and lighten the mood….don’t be so stuck up.

    Holler @ God_Shareef – I miss you.

  29. modi says:

    neeta ambani ji ke paise hai wo chay saree kahride ya chori kharide ye unki marji hai jab wo samaj sewa per itna karch karti hai to apne uper bi uneh karch karne ka poora adikaar hai kyoki paise to unki apne mehnat ke hai

  30. 9930077933 says:


  31. sesha says:

    Nita should resort to charity work.even their home village is crying for development.what do you expect from least they can built toilets the basic necessity for all the villages in Gujarat the land to where they belong
    During lifetime charity work has to be done in full swing.then the villagers will bless them and remember them. What is life without doing charity is high time nita starts earning a name for charity work.Lord srinathji is very powerful.not decent enough to embtoider his image on the back of the blouse.what respect is this.shameful

  32. usha says:

    shikha sharma… Are you jealous or are you really a concerned responsible citizen, or you want to get attension ….
    where did the 40 lakhs go, obviously not into her pocket or bank balance right, indirectly it went to weavers. shops, workers to buyesrs who process silk and cloths, painters….so on, infact you should feel pity that she lost 40 lakhs just a saree and to fulfill her taste,

    you have a right to comment only if you have done atleast 1 % of charity or social work she is doing or she has done.

  33. usha says:

    before saying what somewhat has to do or how to do a charity , i feel it should start with ourselves first, coz when we point 1 finger at other, all other fingures point back to us

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