A Typical Delhi-ite – An Absolute A**hole

Typical Delhi A**Hole

Typical Delhi A**Hole

A reader of fashionscandal.com sent me this story. Thank you SS!


Submitted on 2014/07/31 at 8:27 PM

Jack- seen this? ridiculous! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ede_1406299888

A drunk-out-of-his-wits lad is stopped by the police in New Delhi. Police smartly take away the key of the car and then these drunken lads goes on an verbal onslaught so typical of Delhi guys – ‘Tu Nahin Jaanta Main Kaun Hoon (You don’t know who I am)’. They use choicest expletives with the cops and also the media folks who were co-incidentally there and filmed the entire episode. Here is the link to that video:


There was some sense shown by the drunken douche-bag’s father ( a lawyer) who gave his son couple of tight slaps. I am amazed that the Delhi Police personnel kept their cool. If I were there I couldn’t have tolerated a drunk loser abusing me and would had taken him to task.

This brats should be immediately arrested for abusing government servants on duty and obstructing them from dereliction of their duty. Shame on you guys!

Mumbai is no better. What happened to the infamous incident of Mukesh Ambani’s son hitting two cars as he sped on his Aston Martin? Absolute zilch as papa Ambani bought over everybody – the victims, the media and the cops. Disgusting!

4 Replies to “A Typical Delhi-ite – An Absolute A**hole”

  1. westank says:

    So after all this evidence what happened ? Everyone got their share of daddy’s money and the whole thing is hushed ?

  2. bollyblind says:

    The big shot daddy bribed everyone only because the people involved were willing to take the bribe. If they had said ‘no’ to the money, daddy would have bribed the lawyers and won the case. If people stands up for justice, the rich and famous will not be allowed to have their way!

  3. ravi says:

    Sad, wish we discover way to cease corruption

  4. Erin says:

    What a total asshole! He needs to be castrated. What a dick.

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