Is Anant Ambani to Wed Radhika Merchant soon?

Radhika Merchant who is rumouredly engaged to Anant Ambani, the younger son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani in the year 2019, is going viral on the internet. She has been seen with Mukesh Ambani on his recent visits to various temple towns like Nathdwara, Tirupati and Guruvayur.This leads to the speculation if Anant Ambani’s wedding […]


TALE of Modi’s TRYST with TROY’S Designer THREADS

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is finally heading off to the United States of America today. And yes he has got himself a ‘designer’ wardrobe designed by excellent designer for bespoke menswear – Troy Costa. Obviously Troy refused to say anything on him designing for the PM. Modi must have made him sign a ‘non disclosure’ […]


A Typical Delhi-ite – An Absolute A**hole

A reader of sent me this story. Thank you SS! SS Submitted on 2014/07/31 at 8:27 PM Jack- seen this? ridiculous! A drunk-out-of-his-wits lad is stopped by the police in New Delhi. Police smartly take away the key of the car and then these drunken lads goes on an verbal onslaught so typical of Delhi […]

Was It Akash Ambani in the Hit & Run Case in Mumbai?

An Aston Martin with License Plate – MH-01-BK99 rammed into an Audi and then a Toyota Corolla at high speed at Mumbai’s Peddar Road, injuring three people seriously. The Aston Martin is registered under Reliance Ports. Foram Ruparel, the driver of the Audi car claimed that the Aston Martin was being driven by Akash Ambani, […]

Readers of this Blog warns Burman & Wadia and more…

I have posted the comments from readers of, which I feel are vital inside goss. Here they are: Gauri says: Can be easily figured out why Preity Zinta wud be giving so many press releases. No unpaid media will use different photos in every release when they are criticising her nobody will use words […]

Now Lakshmi Mittal Is Building Scotland’s Most Expensive Mansion

It seems the Desi Richies are going through a phase of outdoing each other in building expensive mansions. After Mukesh Ambani’s mind-boggling Antilla, Anil Ambani took off to building one for self and now Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal is building the most expensive mansion ever erected in Scotland, next to the famed Gleneagles golf resort in Auchterarder, Perthshire. The London-based tycoon, Europe’s richest man […]

Nita Ambani’s custom-made Rosenthal Thali

It so happened once when Mukesh and Nita Ambani were flying in Mukesh’s private Boeing Business Jet 2, they hit an air pocket. The rough ride led to food getting spilled from Nita’s expensive Rosenthal dinner plate on to her expensive clothes. The incident pissed off Mukesh tremendously and he couldn’t bear seeing Nita almost […]