Spoiled Brats aka ‘Bigde Aulad’ Part 1

akash ambaniThis is just the Part 1 of Spoiled Brats of Rich Parents as there are so many of them. Incidentally I was bombed with suggestions for enlisting ‘Bigde Damaads’ and I agree there are loads of ‘Spoilt Son-in- Laws’ too.

Akash-AmbaniWe cannot but have Mukesh Ambani’s son, Akash Ambani leading the list of ‘Bigde Aulad‘ and the way daddy-dearest covered-up the sonny’s reckless hit-and-run case the past month goes to prove that this Spoilt Brat is still spoilt silly. Akash Ambani hit a car on Peddar Road at 150/kmph in his Aston Martin and ran off. Later Papa Ambani bought an old employee to go to the cops and surrender. He even bought Forum Ruparel a brand-new Audi A-6 on Christmas Eve and the lady withdrew her complaint. Akash is enjoying life even after committing a grave crime and papa has insulated him by gagging the media too.

manu sharmaManu Sharma is serving prison sentence in Tihar for murdering Jessica Lal but courtesy his powerful businessman cum politician daddy, Vinod Sharma enjoys parole at regular frequencies. Like in 2012, in December 2013 too Manu Sharma got a ten-day parole just before Christmas. In December 2012 Manu Sharma got parole on the pretext of his mother being unwell but instead of being with his mother, Manu was spotted partying hard at Aer in Mumbai and at LAP in Delhi. This year too the parole must have been for partying as the timing is very suspect.

nitesh raneNitesh Rane is the epitome of ‘Bigda Aulad‘! He is the son of the Revenue Minister of Maharshtra – Narayan Rane and is a known trouble-maker. Most recently Nitesh and his goons roughed-up toll booth staff in Goa and went scott free and earlier Nitesh Rane had been embroiled in road-rage and making unparliamentary statement against Sobhaa De. He is an absolute problem-aulad and I don’t see him changing ever.

Next part we will have ‘cokehead’ spoilt brats who splurge their pop’s moolah to become a filmstar and fail and then plan and get hitched with a loaded man’s daughter. We also have ‘Bigdi Mundi’ who get married and divorce within a year, use pop’s money to buy awards and to finance a movie to become a heroine.

10 Replies to “Spoiled Brats aka ‘Bigde Aulad’ Part 1”

  1. A says:

    something tells me, I am going to lovvvve this series…
    Keep it coming….

    Happy New Year!

  2. Lovely says:

    Awesome post. Lets out these spoiled silver spooned unachieving and overprivileged shmucks for the ABSOLUTE LOSERS they are!

  3. MG says:

    Haraam ka paisa sar chadh ke bol raha hai.

  4. Babu says:

    Hahaha…. The way u nail ur targets is awesome !!

    I wonder how wud the ppl react whose names hav been mentioned here !!

    Do they get to view their character being assasinated !!
    If yes, what wud b the expression on their face !!
    I so wish i cud c that !!! Lol….

    In btw do u hv a email jack , wherein i can email u some gossip


  5. Colossial says:

    You added the photo of Anant Ambani in the article. He is the younger brother of crashup Ambani

  6. xosjvox says:

    tell us more about the italian heir of botega “Gabriel” who your favorite PQ has bagged n romancing in a beach resort in goa . PQ “pops up” every now and then with a new man. Is this the same bag designer who’s bags she was caught smuggling from thailand?

  7. Colossial says:

    Where the part two of the list. Please publish the same Jack

  8. jack says:

    Coming Week

  9. Lovely says:

    Can we have a Spoiled Brats of Bollywood category please? Thanks

  10. Colossial says:

    still no list Jack its more than two weeks

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