Was It Akash Ambani in the Hit & Run Case in Mumbai?

Akash-AmbaniAn Aston Martin with License Plate – MH-01-BK99 rammed into an Audi and then a Toyota Corolla at high speed at Mumbai’s Peddar Road, injuring three people seriously. The Aston Martin is registered under Reliance Ports.

astonmartinambaniaccidentForam Ruparel, the driver of the Audi car claimed that the Aston Martin was being driven by Akash Ambani, the son of Mukesh Ambani. Ruparel said that her Audi was hit at such great speed by the Aston Martin that her car jumped the divider and hit a bus. The speeding Aston then hit a Toyota Corolla owned by Vikram Mishra.

Police claim that the driver of the Aston Martin fled from the sscene after the accident. In fact the alleged driver – Akash Ambani drove his Aston while fleeing but had to dump the car as one of the tyre came off.

Foram Ruparel sense police bias already protecting Akash Ambani and said that when the Aston Martin was taken to the police station, they covered the car so as to not reveal the license plate. Reliance Industries Limited spokesperson issued a statement that the car belongs to Reliance but was being driven by a driver of the company who was going to park the car when the accident happened.

Will the truth come out or once again money power will protect a rich kid?

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  1. FK says:

    This is a no brainer. It was obviously NOT a driver.

  2. blah says:

    Add this guy to the Rich Aulad post!

  3. Lovely says:

    Looks like from recent reports in Mumbai Mirror, a Reliance driver has “come forward” to the police. Otherwise nothing much has been leaked about this yet. At least the Mumbai Mirror still questions the identity of the driver based on witness interviews, however I wonder how long this report will be available online for.

  4. unfair says:

    Whole mumbai knows it was Akash!
    And now a media blackout over the accident

    Looks like if your poor or a Muslim the law will catch up to you irrespective of money power. Salman Khan was rich and powerful but a Muslim.
    Pathetic. Good work Jack

  5. hmm says:

    I saw Akash fully drunk being escorted out of the aston martin.
    Stupid guards to even let him drive in the first place.

  6. shivani says:

    Reminds me of the plot of jolly llb.. No news channel is reporting the story….

  7. jack says:

    So true and so frustrating. Where are those screaming TV anchors who claim to be the guardians of the Fourth Estate – Media? Where are those intellectuals, top editors who night-after-night sit on TV debates claiming to be bold, honest and ethical??? I think Moolah- Rouge got their tongue!
    Anyway I don’t think terms like ethics, morality, conscience and soul even exist in Ambani khandaan…
    SAD but we will voice it as long we breathe…

  8. gossipgirl says:

    Any updates on the HR Sussanne divorce.

  9. jack says:

    Hi gossipgirl,
    Whatever little I know is that it is a simple case of ‘falling out of love’… You fall in love; you fall out of love…
    She found love elsewhere
    Plus perils of getting married early in life…u grow out of love

  10. vml says:

    Did she find love with Arjun Rampal? Will the Rampals separate next?

    Also, Jack, why hasn’t the mainstream media caught on to such a big accident yet? Hand-in-glove with the Ambanis?

  11. Irene says:

    JACK……..”She found love elsewhere “…..umm…the obvious question is where or i mean with whom…??

  12. gossipgirl says:

    Jack, So there is truth in the Arjun Rampal angle. Is Arjun-Meht split the next big news in B town.

  13. jack says:

    Wow Gossipgirl u already know everything.
    As regards Hit n Run – it’s a forgone conclusion that money-power works. Sabse bada rupaiyaa…

  14. gossipgirl says:

    Follow your heart is the new mantra in B town now.
    HR really is the victim this time.

  15. gossipgirl says:

    What’s your take on the SRK-Gauri marriage. Will Sussanne’s move motivate Gauri too.

  16. vml says:

    How is HR the victim? Hasn’t he had enough dalliances in the past with Barbara Mori et al?

  17. jack says:

    Arjun Rampal

  18. AnnonymousTipper says:

    She is a cokehead (her whole family is heavily into snorting), and he is boring. They both got sick of each other.

  19. gossipgirl says:

    vml, I meant victim this time.

  20. Lovely says:

    As expected the Mumbai Mirror report has been taken down. But it seems like they are somehow still trying to pursue the story – senior officers are not accepting the identity of the driver as a Reliance employee. But maybe the cops are just waiting for the whole controversy to blow over and after a while they will go ahead and charge the driver.

  21. jayanthi says:

    The chauffeur who claims to have been driving is most definitely lying, because Ambanis being the bigshots they are, he would not dare risk the life of the rich fat pig in the car.

    That the matter did not even merit a mention in the newspapers and TV channels, which sensationalize the smallest of issues, is only evidence about how the rich and powerful Ambanis have hushed up the whole incident. The media would have been well compensated and the chauffeur would have been bribed for a few lakhs to take the blame.

    So much for Nita’s much touted philanthropy, what a hypocrite. They kill innocent people, and claim to be doing social service.

    Most definitely the truth will be buried and that fat pig will be protected. But
    Mr Mukesh and Mrs Nita, you have to agree that money can buy everything, but not class and good moral upbringing.

  22. jack says:

    U are so right, Jayanthi!!!

  23. Melody says:

    AnnonymousTipper is Right! DJ Aqeel is apparently the supplier of the white line – the entire family is hooked, including Susanne and Mr Rampal.

  24. Lovely says:

    And the victims have been given brand spanking new designer cars in exchange for dropping the charges, Mumbai Mirror reports today. Bribery Ambani style.

  25. truth prevails says:

    interestingly after days of sabotage , CNN IBN (apparently owned by Ambani ) has published a report on 26th dec . Victims version .Excerpts from news report

    “I never saw a young man driving the car, had I seen I would have mentioned that in my FIR. I am withdrawing my complaint as the police identified the driver,” she added.

    Bottom-line Money makes the world go round…..

  26. Mammon says:

    Apparently the Ambanis will handsomely compensate for accidents caused by their ‘staff driver’. I don’t ever want to hear about ethics from these guys again.

  27. Akashwani says:

    Foram Ruparel and her family say that they bought their new Audi A6 with their own money…who’s going to believe that? Both the victims get spanking new cars at the same time? So they don’t want to press charges anymore? This has been one fun Aston Martin soap opera!

  28. ganeshbrhills says:

    The RAPIDE is a V-12 6000CC engine – Top speed if 306 KM per hour – does
    0 to 100 kms in 4.9 seconds. The Ambanis want us to believe that a 55 year old man was driving it at 100 KM per hour at 1:30 AM – being followed by body-guards in two HONDA CRVs?

    Looking at the photo of the crash and the comments by one of the victims – the driver of the AUDI – the speed must have been at least 150 KM per hour. Reeks of arrogance!

    Money Power, Fast Car, and Alcohol: Lethal combination, but can make the law looks like an ass!

  29. Prashant Sagar says:

    Nothing will happen.. law is for poor and for those who dont have the power and money..
    These big rich fat pigs will do whatever they want and law will simply a silent audience..
    Law should be same for all..this is where india lacks..

  30. Hazrat says:

    Will the truth be revealed ???

    Get real people … This is India … a country where the rich “live beyond their means on other peoples’ dreams, and that’s succeeding” …

    Where money buys anything and everything …

    If the centre of power (in Delhi) has been compromised after being bought over many, many years ago by the culprits grandfather, how can something so inconsequential rock this juggernaut?

    It IS a travesty of justice. But until this country has a REVOLUTION, there WILL not be any change. This is just another example of the people of India getting trampled upon by the high and mighty !!!

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