Manu Sharma Spends More Time In His Dad’s Hotel Than In Tihar Jail

manu-sharma-jessica-295x200Manu Sharma is serving a life sentence in Tihar Jail for the murder of Jessica Lall. He has been enjoying undue favors from the jail staff and spends most of his time outside Tihar on parole. Few years back when Manu Sharma was granted parole on the grounds of his mother being unwell and was spotted partying in Are in Mumbai and LAP in Delhi. 

Piccadily Hotel, Janakpuri

Piccadily Hotel, Janakpuri

These days it is stated that Manu Sharma spends most of his time in Piccadily Hotel (Formerly Hilton, Janakpuri) owned by his politician father, Venod Sharma. Neeraj Sharma, who is the son of P.C. Sharma, a warden in Tihar Jail is employed at the Piccadily Hotel and whose job is to ensure absolute secrecy of Manu Sharma’s stay at the hotel. In fact a floor of the hotel is not accessible by the public elevators and has a dedicated elevator to that floor accessible only by few.

Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma

It is an absolute travesty of law that an inmate who is sentence for life for killing enjoys the luxury of a five-star accommodation. In fact the buzz is that politician and father of Manu Sharma, Venod Sharma bought over the Hilton, Janakpuri because it is located in the close proximity of Tihar Jail. I spoke to some unsuspecting staff at the Piccadily Hotel who confirmed often spotting Manu Sharma at the hotel.

It’s such a mockery of law. Venod Sharma was earlier with the Congress party but later formed his own party – Janshakti Party and formed an alliance with the BJP during the Lok Sabha Elections. Yesterday however his Janshakti party and Kuldeep Bishnoi’s Haryana Janhit Party severed their alliance with BJP as Modi wasn’t giving them much importance.

8 Replies to “Manu Sharma Spends More Time In His Dad’s Hotel Than In Tihar Jail”

  1. Lovely says:

    Wow. This is really a shocker. Does the Lal family know? Its such a disgrace that convicted VIP criminals can live in the lap of luxury like this. Only in India!

  2. Colossial says:

    Of course in this country only money speaks.So Mr.Manu Sharma is using his father’s power to escape from law again to stay in the hotel.Anyways he cannot use the most common excuse used be convicts that they require medical attention to be out of prison.
    Money is easily buying law now-days. Salman Khan has rumored to destroy many files and reports of his hit and run case.There are no reports about so called black money located abroad.Moral of the story is be rich and powerful in this country and you can get rid of every trouble in your life.

  3. Nemerana Bizetvic says:

    This is what disgusts me about India. Retard politicians with their retarded spouses that make such super-retarded oafs.

  4. etios says:

    Well, Money can buy justice all over the world not just India, Formula 1 owner Bernie Ecclestone solved his bribery case in Germany by paying/bribing $100 Million fine, so he settled the bribery case by bribing the German court LOL

  5. Pegandahat says:

    I am sure even sanjay dutt is not in jail

  6. Colossial says:

    Sanjay Dutt might be as his sister Priya lost this time elections.He used his wife’s fake illness to be out of jail last time. I am wondering what excuse he might be using this time.

  7. Anu says:

    dont forget mukesh ambani’s son who is out free inspite of driving drunk at the wheel, not once but twice. Who can forget the crushed like a tin can black aston martin.
    Money+Power is the secret.

  8. wondering says:

    God_Shareef where are thou?

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