Who Were The Bullies @ Modern School, Vasant Vihar?

Modern_Vasant ViharMost of you must have seen the video of a bunch of students bullying a singled-out student in the prestigious Modern School, Vasant Vihar. However you have seen the censored video and have no inkling about those atrocious bullies roughing up a student and mouthing filthiest of slangs and also making racist comments. Here is the uncensored video shot by a student (By the way carrying mobile phones is not allowed in the school.): 


Modern School_Bully_VictimHere are the real facts; a bunch of students – precisely four boys of class VI pushed and shoved a student from a senior class – c lass VII. Wondering how come a senior student got bullied by juniors? Well the student roughed-up is from the Economically Weaker Section (EWS). The school has a reserved quota for EWS students. The rogues were from affluent families. This is the the young generation that India tom-toms about but if these is what the next-gen is all about, I feel ashamed.

The bullying act was nothing but a racist and classicistic act between the privileged and underprivileged one. The four assailants belong to affluent families and it goes without saying that their upbringing was disastrous. One is a son of a politician, the other is the son of designer-duo infamous for stealing designs and dressing-up most atrociously, the third hails from a family of real-estate developers and the fourth guy too comes from a rich family.

Last known, the school authorities have played-down the entire incident. At the most these rowdy boys will be suspended for a few days and then will be back mouthing filthiest of language in a so-called premier school of Delhi. I know the parents of these Bigde Aulads and I have no hope of them being disciplined by their parents.

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  1. Hunkone says:

    totally agree with your views.the video link not surprisingly has been removed.if possible can you mail me another one so that many more people can be shown the quality of kids brewing in prestigious delhi schools .thanks

  2. Not surprised says:

    Honestly speaking, I’ve personally seen these kids behave in a rowdy manner. Their parents couldn’t care less. I have the uncensored video, and I couldn’t bear to watch more than 15 seconds, it’s that disgusting. I hope A and A do something about their brat. The Kapur’s however, need to do something about both their children. Their son is a bully. Some people I tell you!

  3. ravi says:

    Here parents should take the liability

    Sad these practices are still large in India

  4. Javin says:

    pls can somebody post a link of the uncensored video… cant find it anywhere and not the above link is not working… PS found only here that the bullied student belonged to EWS… lends a whole new and different perspective to the incident…

  5. Repar says:

    Bullying in schools, especially of the racist kind is taken seriously enough in the US to warrant legal cases against the parents and school authorities. I am not saying Americans are the nicest people, but the fact that there are repercussions makes even the most irresponsible of parents and school authorities suddenly pay attention to proper upbringing and discipline.

    I don’t understand why this isn’t the case in India? In fact, using derisive language against those from weaker sections is a cognizable offence under the penal section of Indian law. Where are the leaders of the weaker sections when they are actually needed? The parents should be held liable for the actions of their wards/children. A hefty fine, social repercussions, and a even a minor stint behind bars will definitely make these parents more alert to such kind of behavior. Light a fire under the parents a$$es and watch how quickly these bullies will be straightened out.

  6. Repar says:

    Read ‘The Hindu’ reportage following this incident. Link: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/video-of-students-bullying-senior-goes-viral/article5778060.ece

    “If the whole report of this incident sounds like an exaggeration of a little harmless pushing and shoving that small children do, in normal course of things; a simple phone call received by The Hindu from a boy claiming to be involved in the whole incident, was enough to show that there was more to it than a mere “innocent” play of guileless children. Using unprintable language, the caller asked the correspondent what her business was with his school and why she was calling “people connected to him”. After some more shouting and threats to “back-off,” the call ended with: “Listen girlie I know where you live.”

    Needless to say, a complaint has been made to the women’s helpline as well as the school.”

  7. Lovely says:

    This is so sad. Rich kids picking on poor kids. Just depresses me. Can’t even bring myself to watch this video. Kids without a conscience. Just depressing.

  8. Andrew Simmon says:

    Hi Folks,

    Give up this idea of dividing every news between different sections of society. This is a common phenomenon I see across whatever is discussed.

    A Man was Shot -> A Dalit was Shot
    A Woman was Raped -> A girl from was Raped
    A Man was tortured and killed -> A Man belonging to the Scheduled Caste was tortured and killed


  9. jack says:

    Andrew, it is not me who is dividing this ugly incident as per class and society.
    Unfortunately the video is heavy (Youtube is rejecting it.) and it is using huge amount of my domain space so not visible to you guys. If you would have seen the video and heard the audio, you would have realised the mockery these rich brats do of the not-so-rich victim. They talk about his father’s capability and even mock his skin complexion.
    I get no pleasure in dividing things/incidents/news as per my own fantasies and perceptions.

  10. jack says:

    Javin if you provide me with your email (confidentiality guaranteed), I can mail you the video.
    The video is heavy and once I upload, every view eats up huge domain space and hence becomes invisible after few hundred clicks. I am just a poor site-owner who can’t afford a huge domain size from my server owner.

  11. Varun says:

    Does anyone know the name of the parents? Someone told me the designers are Arjun and Anjalee Kapoor. I would really like to post the names on Facebook and spread the word.

  12. Ashamed says:

    This is what happens to rich spoiled kids in the company of other rich spoiled kids. I don’t even have the guts to fight someone like they just did and they are just 11-12 years old. Retards

  13. Ashamed says:

    Moreover, these south delhi schools have a pretty good reputation :p . sex, drugs, profanity and what not. fml

  14. KaranP says:

    Being from DPS MATHURAROAD,I can tell you that this is not that common an incident. Still I have to say that I was ashamed to look at this video.They are not even 15 years old and are using slurs that even the most abusive people don’t use.if you could mail me the whole video so I can spread the word so that people know about retards like these,it would be absolutely great.

  15. vml says:

    Jack, can you please share the link of the video via email? How can I share my email with you?

  16. jack says:

    The video is uploaded in the post.

  17. Ashwini says:

    One of the students (or his parent) actually had the guts to threaten a reporter from The Hindu!!

    I finally saw the video, and was shocked beyond doubt. What I found a little strange is the voice in the background who is constantly giving ma-bahen gaalis– he sounds like an adult Jat and not a school boy. And even if he is a school boy, not a 7th standard school boy.

  18. neha says:

    i spent a day in modern school barakhamba road, and was shocked to hear the conversations of young teenage boys. suck rudeness, apathy towards everything. that day, i thanked my parents for giving me a humble upbringing and making me appreciate every thing i had.

  19. romeorambo says:

    Seriously what the hell!!.I don’t think all the demographic hogwash we are fed with regularly that India is a young country and that itself makes us a superpower in future rings true to me.I mean look at the expletives these kids use and look at their attitude.so disgusting!!!!.schools I think should be overhauled.education is not all about teaching skills to earn money.the main goal of education I believe is to make a person sensible to fellow human being and sensitive towards society on the whole.afterall teaching children just sciences and math might help them to secure a good job but they’d be the same bullying and socially bumbling assoles in the future.so please impart your kids with good manners and great ideals .hope schools and parents take note of this plea.

  20. yatin sangoi says:

    serious questions to the upbringing style in delhi and north india. shameful act.

  21. Rashmi says:

    Well Shwini, you just indulged in castiesm – calling the adult ‘Jat’ ???? did the video indicate that ???? please steer clear of that !

  22. rambo says:

    this is poor modern school. The worst school of new delhi…
    mostly all modern school children are like this.. ishan bhatia kanishk , kushal tan don.. i mean these are sick characters … this is modern school… no class no personality… brought up by the maids… just money…. please do not send your children to modern..

  23. God_ShaReeF says:

    First of all no school teach you SUCH.
    Secondally in every single school of Delhi or any metro (including govt. schools),
    SUCH is very COMMON lingo among SUCH agers.
    Now eradicating this or that…
    Changing, instituting, substituting, cutting…
    including availability of junk food in canteens or Paan, Beedhi, Ciggie, Coke around the boundary is not the criteria here to discuss in detail.
    Parents of such bully masters should be shot at once in Zia ul Haq style.
    They doesn’t have time to INVEST in their FUTURE, their ROOTS (their kids).
    Modern mein hua to Modern mein moot do.
    Arre cummon yaar, such bullying is very common in each and every single school.
    Modern famous hai, wahan record ho gaya, wo bahaar bhi aa gaya. Thats it!!!
    Most of the hours are spent at home, in play grounds, with drivers in their cars.
    Their LONELY hours spent should be COUNTED, NOTICED & FILLED with normal life.
    Ab baapu ko Dubai mein showRoom kholne ki zyaada khujji hai to baccha kaun paalegi.
    Maid, Driver jo seekhaate, wahi to seekhenge naa.
    Everything counts. You can not blame school ONLY.
    And especially Rashmi you £€£€, You now wan to start ANOTHER TOPIC of CASTEISM.
    Which is totally non sensical and making this “Post of AwareNess” bit sick.
    Tere jaise Rashmi log hi iss dessh ka beda gark karr rahe hain.
    Baat hogi kuch, aag lagaa denge kuch.
    And tell me Rashi £€£€ one thing. Don you agree with me that 95% of Jatt community speakes, behaves SUCH.
    They are the Masters of Bullying.
    Ye jo dehaati ganwaar culture 4 chhalle waali gaadi (Audi) se aaya hai naa…
    These ragPickers suddenly becomes Money Monsters with sudden growth in their Land Rates.
    May god bless Rashmi some sense baba.
    Baaki yehan kisi community ka baat nahi ho raha hai. Ho raha hai, to RASHMI karr rahi hai.
    And ASHWINI they way you have noticed and scrutinised the tape, thank you for that buddy.

    Ek Bhooli, Bissri DesSspö
    apki LuuLLee…
    Puraani Page3 AdaahKaara
    Habitual Paapin
    Aapki Kambakht GöD_ShaReeF
    Kya aapke andar ki God, ShaReeF hai?
    HisSs hiss hi’s’  🙂  🙂 🙂

  24. anjna says:

    kindly post me uncensored video i need to see as i admitted my two choldren this year i came from overseas and didnot know about the incident

  25. K J Vari says:

    It appears a lot have changed and much water has flowed under the bridge since 2000 April 30, when I retired. Ver sad!!!!! Of course there was always some harmless ragging, but if I remember well the seniors were quite protective of the juniors in my time at MSVV

    Vari Sir

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