Samir Thapar & Gang To Stay in Jail

kotdwar-policeThe New-Year orgy of Samir Thapar, Rajiv Khanna, Jayant Nanda and thirteen others that turned into a nightmare still continues as the Kotdwar court extended their custody for another 14 days on Friday. The rich old boys bragged about their hunting-trips often but this time their luck ran out in Kolhu Chaur forest in Lansdowne when they were nabbed with gosht (meat), guns and girls and 171 bottles of booze while celebrating New-Year.

maneka-gandhi1The brats Samir Thapar, Jayant Nanda, Rajiv Khanna and Sushil Dangar tried to get relief using the ‘health’ angle but the court ordered their medical check within Pauri jail premises. They have tried their silver-bullets to get bail but even their powerful friends – the Doscos (Doon School alumni) have found wisdom in staying away from the mess.In fact minister Maneka Gandhi is taking keen interest in the case and ensuring they don’t go scot-free like Salman Khan in the infamous black-buck case.

salman_black buckBy the way Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu and Sonali Bendre are summoned today to Jodhpur court after Rajasthan government challenged Salman’s acquittal.

10 Replies to “Samir Thapar & Gang To Stay in Jail”

  1. Geet says:

    I hope they all get punished. High time these unqualified ‘rajahs’ learnt to respect the law of the land.

  2. Psysword says:

    Completely silly situation. Meat of which animal? Endangered or not? What’s the problem with booze and girls? This is not Saudi Arabia. And I have learned all their guns are licensed, no illegal weapons. Stupid case of harassment. India is no better than Isis with its anti booze and anti sex laws. Shame.

  3. Jeetu says:

    Psyword– even if guns are licensed they are not allowed near to forests and national park for a reason. Girls were allowed to leave and not harassed. Booze – unless u are a reseller u can carry only certain amount for personal consumption.
    If nothing illegal why carry guns??

  4. Check123 says:

    Why a post in every 10 days look forward for more posts please spill more no lists for 2016 end of year ??

  5. Sam says:

    Gulabo.. zara gand faila do!

  6. Jobi says:

    “India is no better than Isis with its anti booze and anti sex laws. Shame.”

    Do you even know what the ISIS is doing? What is wrong with people like you? Do you have any sense of proportion and propriety at all? Why would you even make such a comparison? Do you call someone a paedophile just because you are angry?

    I strongly suggest you read New York Times’scorrespondent Rukmini Callimachi’s ISIS reporting before you display your ignorance here. In fact everyone should read them.

  7. Alcie says:

    hunting in this day and age? Sigh…carrying a gun and shooting animals is cowardice.

    As for Salman, he should be jailed. He got away with killing people! How many crimes is he going to get away with? It’s ridiculous how he greets his fans and suddenly all is forgiven. I have boycotted his movies.

  8. Jeetu says:

    Pigs are free

  9. jack says:

    Yup the ‘Pigs are Free’ and heard are already celebrating freedom…like Sallu bhai these ‘Pigs’ too will go scot free

  10. behenchod says:

    Maybe its in fashion doing such illegal activities..

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