Thoughtful Piece on Salman


This piece is an honest one and strips Salman Khan off his aura and halo that he so magnificently created about him. We are probably a miniscule section that appreciate this article.

18 Replies to “Thoughtful Piece on Salman”

  1. Sara says:

    I agree with the writer of the post..but i am sure I am in the minority!

  2. jack says:

    @Sara you are absolutely right. We are the miniscule few…SAD

  3. meme says:

    On Point I always thought why would bollywood audience worship celebrity like God never liked salman khan he cant act to save his life but his luck is doing a favor and amibtabh bachan i have heard so many bad things about these two anyways at the end of the day its Just the image you Present to Public Good image .

  4. Alcie says:

    Amen! I have been thinking the same for the longest time. Why the hell does he get away with killing another human being? Wtf is wrong with the people still supporting him and idolising him? Superstar or not, driving under the influence is reckless and should be punishable. I am disappointed that we have stopped caring about ‘ordinary’ people, and for making an asshole like Salman invincible. Where is our moral/ethical code? If the person who died was our father, would we feel the same way? We ought to value human lives and not put blinders on.

    Yes, the legal system is shit, but the least we can do is boycott his movies to let him know that his behaviour is unacceptable. I have stopped watching his films and I wish more people will follow suit.

  5. Lawrence says:

    We adore him no matter what, and the view of a few f**ing liberal elites don’t matter.

  6. mastimazak86 says:

    i too agree.. difficult to convince others..

  7. S Jaya says:

    It’s been a few years that I have stopped watching his movies, whether hall or tv. I avoid shows too on which he is an invited guest.

  8. Raman says:

    How much u got paid jack. Didnt expect it from u. so much hatred . Why not hang him and all problems of india will be solved

  9. pink martini says:

    sadly we are in the minority….Salman is a bloody MCP :/
    All else is hype created by his PR machinery

  10. jack says:

    @Raman I got paid so much that I am still counting. Once I am done counting, will let you know.

  11. jack says:

    Nobody is stopping anybody from their personal choice or opinion

  12. pinky says:

    @jack- kuddos to you for publishing this!
    Why are Indians obsessed with this short, old guy? If Sallu were to go to any night club in USA, people might confuse him for some illegal mexican labourer sweating to make a living.

  13. etios says:

    People are getting worked up over his comment whereas Salman has delivered a superhit with Sultan and now signed a 1000 crore new deal for his next ten movies. His last deal worth 500 crores has come to an end this year.

  14. Anon says:

    There was discussion in my office lunch time when salman got away with accident case. I said its so sad that he got away and what about the people who got killed. For that my hypocrite co-worker said that their family got paid few lakhs, which they could have never earned in their whole life. And salman is running NGO being human which helps many people. For his argument I said “if someone pay your wife crore or two then it’s totally fine for them to kill you”.

    Jack, what his NGO does? All I can see is totally commercial big being human stores in luxury malls.

  15. Vrushi says:

    I have completely stopped watching his movies! Dont even want to give any share of trp even for his television things. Sick individual with his half illiterate fans! His NGO is as fake as his lies.

  16. nana says:

    Jack, do you know if Hrithik is dating that Pooja girl?

  17. Vml says:

    Agree with the writer of the post. Jack, do a write-up on Being Human and/or celebrity philanthropy if possible. I think it’s the biggest long con. Salman Khan has benefited the most from this as is always the case with celebrity philanthropy.

  18. Alcie says:

    hey jack, what’s your thought on his black buck case being dismissed? Is there any law this guy hasn’t broken? Also, why did he and Kat break up 😛

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