Season To Forgive & Forget

Jaya & Amitabh Bachchan_Smooch_Screen AwardsSeems like 2014 is going to be a year to forgive and forget. The year began on such a note atleast amongst B-Town folks! Chalo it’s good if people bury their hatchets and make peace!

Jaya Bachchan_Rekha_Kanjeevaram_bonhomieAt ‘Screen Awards’ some images were delightfully shocking. For me Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan doing jhappi wasn’t a as Salman_SRK_JhappiSalman_SRK_Screen Awardsbig a deal as Jaya Bachchan admiring Rekha’s Kanjeevaram over small-talk and then going and giving Amitabh Bachchan a passionate smooch. Don’t know if the smooch was to make Rekha burn with envy or was purely a moment of passion. Jaya Bachchan was the last lady in B-town who I expected to smooch her hubby. She is the last person on earth from whom I expected a public display of affection (PDA). Whatever may be the reason but that smooch picture is definitely a one to treasure!

6 Replies to “Season To Forgive & Forget”

  1. Jabu says:

    kicking the bucket soon?

  2. Colossial says:

    This was really boring Jack.Not your type of scandal.

  3. pingping says:

    Umm…this is not the first time they smooched publicly, there was an explicit moment years ago (over 10 years), captured and carried by most Bombay newspaper publications, at a time when PDA was not frowned upon or a crime! Chemistry is everything. And another instance before that, was also written about..

    That apart, Amitabh is a hound dog…was in his hey days…you know what I mean?

  4. God_ShaReeF says:

    Hey Jabu, Colossial & PingaPonga (all above commentators),
    Seems you lack knowledge of good humoured ANGREJJI.
    This post is not about smooching_pooching or PDA.
    Yaar its a timely intervention of sentiments when respected Jaya ji generously praised Rekha MysterAdam (MysteryMadam)’s Chiffon/ KanjiVaram or whatever where in the past these 2 destined components of emotions always discarded their fixation PUBLICLY but at this function this SMOOCH OF DECADES inbetween Lambu ji and his chhoti ji has become remarkable, historical in the times of Twitter, FB gen and…
    And in the awakening of their grand children..
    And more so when very recently a mysterious PHOTO OF THE DECADE sheepishly emerged like a sleeping snake of some unknown volcano where Madam X is sitting behind her “woh” in a private spaceCraft…
    Would you mind calling this private plane a spaceCraft.
    But then…
    Thats the hype (height) of this Mysterious Envelope of Lovers sealed with Jaya ji’s KISS (read Smooch).
    Her generosity added more silk to her KanjiVaram
    Same time she dictated her triumph on the TITANIC,

  5. anon says:

    God_ShaReeF – are you always drunk when you post?

  6. God_ShaReeF says:

    Yeah 🙂
    Me ‘mast’
    Sacch to peekar hi nikalti hai meri pyaari Anon sweety

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