Steven Spielberg in Conversation with Amitabh Bachchan

Steven Spielberg_Amitabh BachchanLegendary film-maker – Steven Spielberg is visiting India on Anil Ambani’s invitation. Ambani and Spielberg’s relationship is now a couple of years old since his company, Reliance Entertainment invested in Spielberg’s company, Dreamworks. Ambanis have been regulars at the Oscars now. They were seen with Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields of Lincoln, which Reliance Entertainment co-produced with Dreamworks. Last night Reliance Entertainment hosted a talk show – “Steven Spielberg in conversation with Amitabh Bachchan”. Accompanying Spielberg is Dreamworks’ CEO & Co-Chairman, Stacey Snider.

Anil Ambani_Stacy Snider_Spielberg_BachchanSally Fields_Spielberg_Tina_Daniel Day-Lewis_Anil AmbaniAmitabh Bachchan twitted about Spielberg, “the guest in conversation .. simple, honest and with immense candor ..”. Post the conversation Big B twitted,” …and then after its all over .. a quiet dinner amongst the four of us …”

Would love to see this conversation. Any idea when it’s going to be aired???

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