Suits You? A Sneaker with a Suit?

Dior Homme has come out with a “Black Tie Sneaker”. Is it India-Inspired???

Well Indian men’s biggest fashion faux-pas was to don sports-shoe with a formal suit. The Babus wore those chunky white Action sports-shoe with Safari-Suit (Yet another fashion history of India best forgotten!), the blushing groom donned a pair of dazzling white Lakhani sneakers with a double-breasted brown polyester suit and even Dhirubhai Ambani was occasionally spotted wearing sneakers with a suit or the Safari-Suit.

Now Dior Homme is peddling the “Black-Tie Sneaker” and claims to be “inspired by street culture and created in couture spirit”. The High-Top sneaker has flashy branding too on the sole and the heel for nouveau-riche show-offs. But would you wear a sneaker with your Tux and attend a ‘Black-Tie Affair’? I wouldn’t.

The sneaker with a linen sporty suit is okay. Amitabh Bachchan wore Converse sneakers with linen suits and so did Arjun Rampal in Ek Ajnabee and both looked cool but wearing sneakers with a classic suit is stretching things a bit too far. But then fashion is weird at times and am sure there wouldn’t be dearth of takers for the Dior Homme ‘Black Tie Sneakers’.

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