K Jo versus Gudda tiff continues

Karan Johar, the jack of all trades and Rohit Bal aka Gudda continued their tiff at the HDIL Couture Week. I believe the tiff started at the launch of The Collective in Delhi some weeks back where K Jo felt Gudda spoilt his skit. By the way, whoever saw the skit wondered what was it all about. Later at The Collective launch Manish Malhotra joined Karan Johar in bitching about Gudda and blaming him for spoiling the show. Gudda was apparently a bit late and a little tipsy.

At HDIL Couture Week, Gudda lambasted the Bollywood(isation) of the Couture Week. I totally agree with Gudda on this. HDIL was nothing but Bollywood Tamasha. K Jo +Varum Bahl’s show had Big B, SRK and Hrithik Roshan on the ramp and Mumbai went gaga about it. Jitesh Pillai of Filmfare tweeted 12hours before the show that K Jo’s going to recreate K3G on the ramp so all that drama of pulling out SRK from his seat to the ramp and all that bonhomie between Big B and SRK was pre-planned but was presented as something impromptu. In all this brouhaha, everybody forgot the clothes, which were rather nice, thanks to Varun Bahl’s creative genius.

Gudda however gave it back in his own way to KJo on his TV show by sticking to his guns that fashion shouldn’t be mixed with Bollywood Bling.

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  1. love555 says:

    now gudda is really rt on tht, fashion seems to b just a tamasha only, i cn recall after my first shw that a lot seniors actually told me welcome to the gr8 tamasha, nd few advicing not get overwhelmed with it or get carried away, though i sumhow fail to understand that y do designers showcase the same collection twice or thrice in diffrent cities whats the aim behind it, if they say buyers then everyone knows hw many r they nd who r they so tht goes out of the question nyways, internationally shows are held for business not for entertainment, but here the story is diffrent so many fashion tours, media glaze only for celebs, cudnt hav happened without the support of designeres, so they r harvesting their own crops now, wonder y the tiffs nd blame games guess they should put down their head in one direction that is towards the growth of the industries promote youngsters, tell them where they r goin wron nd guide them instead of criticising them, guess every1 will hav a gd future, nd no tiffs, help each other to rise rather pulling each other down

  2. mike 1 says:

    it just shows the immaturity of Indian designers .. and the indian design industry’s current growth path ..very sad dude..

  3. anonymous says:

    press ke liye kuch bhi karega ….. was their mantra we guess

  4. Excellent blog about K Jo versus Gudda tiff continues | Fashion Scandal. I read it twice.

  5. Siya says:

    This is so disgusting ! Since when did Karan Johar become a designer have you seen what he wears,and it’s supposed to be a fashion show with shahruk and hritik busting a move!

  6. Edwin Khare says:

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  10. Mia says:

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