Grand tussle to host WIFW Grand Finale bash

LAP couldn’t lap it up, nor could the Olive Bar & Kitchen at Mehrauli. Emperor’s Kitchen is venue for this season’s WIFW Grand Finale bash.

Like the ‘Grand Finale’ slot is gunned after by every designer, the Grand Finale bash too is highly coveted. Many nightclubs and lounges lobby for it. LAP couldn’t have got it because last season they created a mess by not allowing media photographers. For Wills it is a Media exercise so why would they bother about Arjun Rampal’s stupid snobbery. Olive lost it to Emperor’s Kitchen purely on two factors – pricing and bar closing before the agreed time. And I think, Emperor’s Kitchen’s CHIN-JABI food is loved by Delhi-ites.

So all roads will lead to Emperor’s Kitchen at Mehrauli on 28th March 2010 where designers, models, socialites and compulsive gatecrashers will let their hair down.

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  1. anonymous says:

    well well well LAP is losing its hold … I’m not surprised after what they have done with most of Delhi A-list and party crawlers

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