Zayed took a cut from his Dealer

I always thought Zayed is rich enough to have a flashy life without producing a single hit movie. His family is rich. Aren’t they? I fail to understand why he needed the extra money that he made through a Charlie dealer from Kenya? Probably he funded his ‘nosey’ habit throught it.

Was utterly shocked when I heard from the horses mouth that he gave Zayed the stuff at 2.5K and Zayed would recommend him to his other ‘nosey’ friends and tell him to sell the same shit at 6k. A neat 3.5k that not only funded his own consumption but gave an extra thousand bucks. So petty! 

However this side business of Zayed’s failed because the dealer was wary doing business with him as he found Zayed to be a loud-mouth. My sincere appeal to our Producers – “Please give Zayed some work.”

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  2. kunal verma says:

    interesting but how do you get to meet the insider? how does he trust you to tell you this?

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