Scandals Down South

There was a time when all the Scams and Scandals happened in the North or West of India. South was the ‘Saintly’ part of our huge country. But now with 2G Scam, South has taken the lead in scams. One 2G scam is huge enough to beat all the scams that ever took place. Jailed former Telecom Minister, A Raja, DMK Lord’s daughter, Kanzimohi, Dayanidhi Maran, the Textile Minister currently under cloud, Karnataka CM, Yedurappa, the Reddy Brothers (Mine Owners) and C Sivasankaran, the Corporate Raider are the leading sons of Southern India who are forging ahead the Scam-Score.

But that’s not all. The Scandals pouring out from various Southern cities of India are so salicious that it is putting us Northeners and Westerners to shame. An avid reader of Fashionscandal.comPinky – gave me some dope from South and gawd they are really scandalising. This is what Pinky sent:
“It seems it’s always North Indians who are in the news about scandals and dirty politics. You know, the LV toting, Mercedes driving, spouse swapping ones and that too the well-known faces down South would put any Delhiite or a Mumbaikar to shame. According to what a little birdy told me about our lesser known counterparts down South, I couldn’t resist from sharing it with Fashionscandal. It blows my mind that girls perform oral sex behind the Gymkhana and then don a Kanjeevaram saree and meet the guy selected by her grandma the very next moment.

Many talk about Chennai’s infamous student cum socialite, Krithrika Srinath from the Kasturi Gopalan (The Hindu) Family. Taking after her “interior designer” mother (a-la Shalini Passi) Krithika is happy juggling several guys at a time. She’s very nonchalant about sex and is always seen with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Krithika is very open minded and has ‘dated’ (read: Slept) with everyone from goths to industrialists and when I asked a guy how he knew about something as minute as a butterfly on the small of her back, he winked and said it’s very hard to miss when you’re in a certain position!

In Bengaluru there is this cracker of a girl – the daughter of the Kannada actress Jaimala Omaila. Folks who hobnob with the 20 something failed actress Soundarya say that she is a wild paaaartttty girl. Banglorians talk about her penchant for Powdering her Nose a wee bit too often. Soundarya believes that this would make her lose weight. She also has this dirty habit of skipping showers and when it comes to ‘Jumping and Pumping @ Night’, she believes in more the merrier.

Pinky writes in anguish, “So much for the South being the hub of intelligence. At least the North wears it on their sleeves and doesn’t hide behind their Kanchivaram sarees!” And yes Pinky will come back with more goss from South soon!

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  1. Amruta says:

    You totally missed writing about the infamous “Raja- Kanimozhi” affair 😉

  2. jack says:

    If you go to my archives you will find an entire post dedicated to Raja_Kanzimohi Affair!

  3. lazycyrus says:

    Jayalalitha MGR / Hegde Dancing muse / Mallya and his coterie / Weekend Coorg escapades of rich and famous of Bangalore / Blue Fox regulars of 90s ..its been down there since ages..i studied in south but came to delhi to work..believe me i haven been 20% lucky with the girls here compared to south.. 😐

  4. Southie says:

    so? how many marwari girls dont u see wearing saris and marrying the chosen one having bumped uglies with many people? do you call that wearing it on one’s sleeve? That apart, why must anyone wear on one’s sleeve how many partners they have? Tabloid culture (read gossiping) over the years has been quite timid in the south but that does not mean that there have not been “liberated people” in the south… Let us be clear, when we say north indians, we are talking about socialites and celebrities and the same goes for south Indians.having said that, there is no denying that these are published in tabloids down south. Most people in the North are not aware of “celebrities” from the south for them to be looking out for gossip about them in the vernacular media. I don’t think this necessarily means that people from the south are hypocritical about what they do. why should it “blow your mind” that people from the south are performing fellatio’s? Its not their projection but in fact, the northerners’ perception of south Indians that is the problem. Just because people prefer to wear saris in the south (although i do think that is another misconception) does that mean they are sexually meek? Unlike the Bengali’s i don’t think the south Indians are self proclaimed intellects. They may be intellectual but it is not self proclaimed. Its just how they have been perceived. I also don’t think sexual liberation is mutually exclusive with intellect. One might even argue that the former is the by product of the latter…
    Can we also not generalize all the time? Its like going back in time and referring to all south indian’s as madrasis. Bangalore, although in the south has been more cosmopolitan , say compared to delhi for many many years now. Its laughable you think that snorting cocaine is unthinkable in south given that bangalore was the original pub city with a flourishing rock culture.! its always been happening down south. you are just starting to take notice now. although these are not things to be proud of, I am just speaking against the tone of this post.
    Although, political scandals of such magnitude are admittedly something new. Perhaps a certain Ms. Swaraj will be able to answer that better. This of crs, I say only in reference to Karnataka.

  5. jack says:

    Point noted ‘Southie’.
    The comment of yours make sense but in no way we wanted to focus on regionalism.

  6. Tab says:

    Well written, Southie! Very true.

  7. Southie says:

    Thank you. Much appreciated. I know your focus was not regionalism but i think you know now what I was referring to.

  8. Bluebabadeeba says:

    Jack, Pinkie

    Please give goss about more people from Chennai. Pinkie, I am wondering if you know anything about this person Poongkothai Chandrahasan otherwise known as Pongo. She is the grand daughter of S J V Chelvanayakam, who was called the Mahatma Gandhi of Sri Lanka. Also a small time actress and claims to have studied in Harvard. (I am certain that is a lie).
    Also wondering if you have any dirt on Rajnikanth’s daughters. The older one was quite something in her 20s

  9. Bansal says:

    This was refreshing post, south are crazy but try 2 cum across as something else.

  10. Paneerwala says:

    Jack, this is the best post yet.. Southie, your attempt at an academic distillation of regional perceptions smacks at someone hitting your raw nerve. Reading and re-reading the original post it is clear that number of partners etc is not the issue. It’s that south indian girls have a propensity to want to act sita savithri, that’s why we are all laughing, they are anything but that! They are mostly skanks! The biggest turn on to a guy is if you can be real to the world! Why be a damn hyporcrite? You know that girl from the Hindu family is fucking tons of people but will pretend to be a virgin around relatives or the boy her family picks. I can say less on the actress’s daughter Soundarya because as we know filmi families tend to be fucked up. I have female friends who come from “big” families. By virtue of being born into that privilege, one has a certain obligation wouldn’t you say of not acting like a tramp, being a role model and showing some restraint.

  11. Southie says:

    Paneerwala, my objection was to the the statement that south pretends to me something it isnt. If you read my post, u will see that I did not deny that things happen in the south.. My argument was simply that you find girls like that even in the north. You stated yourself that girl from a Hindu family “is fucking tons of people but will pretend to be a virgin around relatives or the boy her family picks”.. surely you are not suggesting that Hindus are only in the south? Yes, filmi families are by your definition “fucked up” in south and in north. I never said we are pure.. I merely said that the south is pure is a perception … The post would have hit a raw nerve if I was simply denying everything. What I objected to was that u think we are hypocrites…. If we are by your logic, then so are north Indian Hindu girls who do the same. Number of partners was an off point. If you read and re-read my comment just as u did with the post, you might just have understood the point I was making. Perhaps view my comment with some objectivity and not individual experience? I was not just saying that about southerners but even about north.. People in general do not have to wear it on their sleeve…. It is a different thing to wrongfully project an image(which people who are inclined to that, do both in south and north) and it is another to simply not want to talk about it. The latter implies a sense of privacy- which both the north and the south is entitled to…and what i was actually talking about.
    If you were from the south , you would know that the Soudarya chick is hardly born into a big and influential family. She is a has been actor’s daughter whose single film did not work. Big families in the south and north are both fucked up by your logic and I am not suggesting otherwise… just because few southern girls have acted sati savitri like with you , doesn’t mean all of them are like that.. just like I don’t believe all north girls are like that. The problem is with our society that harshly judges girls, both from the south and the north- which propels them all to conceal certain things. I am not against gossip. I wouldn’t be regularly visiting this blog if I was but when I noted how this post was written, as a regular visitor, I thought I should speak against the insinuation that hypocrisy is something limited to the south…. the tone of the article did suggest something to that effect. I only made a point that it is universal and you find people like that everywhere.
    You are saying “by virtue of being born into that privilege” of a “big” family one should exercise restraint and be a role model? what makes u are important enough to put that restraint on anyone. Surely the fault lies in us in where we seek our role models. By virtue of being born in big families, they don’t become someone we have to look upto automatically.

  12. jack says:

    Hey Southie, by ‘Hindu’ Paneerwala and I-both meant the Hindu Publication and not the religion….

  13. Southie says:

    I know what you meant Jack but I admit i misunderstood what Paneerwala wrote… .that’s my fault but I still stand by what I said about role models and restraint… sorry about the misunderstanding…

  14. Jaya M says:

    Southie, by virtue of being in the top policitcal position the PM is, he has to “follow” conduct and restraint. If you come from a big family etc, by power and money people look up to you for better or worse. One should realize that and act accordingly. And if you are going to do things, fine, there is freedom but be discreet. Flauting your sex life is so distasteful and clearly these girls are having sex with guys that don’t respect them enough to keep quite. So it’s probably something they are doing. One guy even outlines the tatoo becuase of the exact position! I find these girls being slutty is because they think they can get away with it. Never worked a day in their life, semi-educated but spoiled as hell. Goes to show money can’t buy class. What good for nothings!

  15. playboy_13 says:

    Hey, the discussion is awesome…but I am very much interested to know more about that girl from south with the tattoo on her back., mentioned in the article…..;) [looks lavishing and easy going]…can anyone of you give me more information on her…

  16. Southie says:

    Jaya, I only saw your post now… I do wish you read my response sometime.
    “Flauting your sex life is so distasteful and clearly these girls are having sex with guys that don’t respect them enough to keep quite. So it’s probably something they are doing. One guy even outlines the tatoo becuase of the exact position! I find these girls being slutty is because they think they can get away with it. Never worked a day in their life, semi-educated but spoiled as hell. Goes to show money can’t buy class. What good for nothings!”

    You have eliminated them as anything worth admiration or inspiration. I was saying other people should do the same and choose what appeals to them and stop trying to restrain people’s choice of living. I myself said one doesnt have to wear it on one’s sleeve. isn’t that what you were saying when you wanted them to be “discreet” because they may be in a position to influence other people by virtue of their position? In fact, i objected to Jack’s post because he wanted them to flaunt it. I am still not clear on your point…Either you are saying they shoudnt do it at all, in which case, i would surely understand your objection to my responses…. or you are saying they should be discreet even if they do it because they have responsibilities to societies. Although I may not use the word “discreet” I think the end result we would both be looking for would be that we let them be and not dig in to find out how promiscuous they are being… I don’t think they should talk about it because its their personal choice but you have your own arguments i suppose…

    Prime Ministers and political families i understand (especially those in power ) but mere film personalities and children of media houses? could you not see the differentiation I made. We have tolerated the Gandhi family with all their promiscuous behaviour as political heads and we are now looking for role models in these?

    Also, why blame a woman for being sexually liberated and not the man who is so petty to talk about? its the men who arnt being discreet here , not the women and yet, you ask the women to be discreet. This is what I was saying earlier may be females from all over don’t wear it on one’s sleeves because we are so harsh on our women, easy to judge and put such limitations on them. I may not be sleeping around like them but i don’t harp over how disgusting it is and how they should stop. I simply choose not to do it because it doesn’t appeal to me…I am sure a lot of us are making choices that work for us.. don’t you think? i never said politicos are not role models. I think you and i agree on that but i do have my reservations on ordinary -never heard of actors and sons and daughters of big families. ..

  17. chennairocks says:

    playboy13, the girl with the tattoo on back is indeed lavishing and easygoing. quite ravishing in fact. email her

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hey, anyone has more information about that hot gal with butterfly tattoo on her back?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hey Chennairocks:

    I tried to e-mail her on the given address, but it is not working…re-confirm it…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey Chennairocks,

    That e-mail address is not working. do you know about that gal with tattoo on her back you talking about?

  21. I do not even know the way I stopped up right here, but I thought this publish was great. I don’t realize who you’re but definitely you are going to a well-known blogger when you aren’t already. Cheers!

  22. Anshul says:

    It must run in the family Krithika sister Malavika slept with this guy on off for 7yrs before securing her life by marrying some boring dude and popping kids. The other guy was so broken that he tried to commit suicide!! Another Ramona Narang type of story..

  23. Anshika says:

    Anshul: I don’t think so that Malavika’s story does match with Ramona Narang’s…
    How can be you so sure about someone, do you know her personally?

  24. Selva says:

    I dont agree with comments on Kritika Srinath

  25. Chennai Queen says:

    ok this post has made it’s rounds on facebook. I know Krithika, she’s sweet enough and feels she doesnt have to answer to anyone about her choices which is fair. She doesn’t care if people call her a tart because she’s a grown woman and she’s comfortable with sex. She cant imagine how her sis Mal does it with “it” uncircumcised!! High time women became open in India and enough of the double standard.

  26. Jaded says:

    I’ve read all these comments about the Hindu family girl and must admit that all you hypocrites are wasting your time commenting although you yourselves are indulging in such activities. In the 21 st century nobody is a saint and it’s ludicrous to be publishing such comments and tarnish someone’s reputation based on hearsay and gossip.

  27. RS says:

    K spits doesn’t swallow and I can describe her undearwear in detail. Does it make me a male slut that I know both Soundarya and Krithika!? My cousin sisters are very free but i think what has incurred this whole post are the girls who pretend to be sweet angels. Be like my cousins, wear who you are on your sleeve. It’s not fair to be a whore but have aunties think you’re amazing where does that leave other girls trying to be real?

  28. RSS says:

    RS You are a f**** third rate SOB to be discussing ur sex life in public and especially discussing explicit details. Are ur cousin sisters available at a cost or at a subsidised rate considering u have had some incestuous intimate moments with them… Forget whether they wear themselves on their sleeves, I wanna know if they swallow off their sleeves.

  29. proud watford desi says:

    Hey paneer”jealous”wala and others.

    i don’t know for sure if you are a male or female.But going by the jealous undertones of your post i am gonna say you’re a girl.As some great soul has told “racist thought and action says far more about the person they come from than the person they are directed at”. You people back home do not realize that regionalism is a kind of racism. Why do you people have to slander another region or religion??. You can not generalize a set of people based on your personal experience. If that is the case let me tell you FOB desis are not really looked up on in the corporate uk. They have to go through the judgemental eyes of every idiot in the office. if you dont believe me please visit any london or manchester based office you will know im not bluffing. When you people in india are racist towards each other i dont think you as a nation can never be as cosmopolitan and modern as the west imho.

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