What’s Happening Down South?

Various parts of India bear a distinctive character and image. North India was always branded as brashfull; Eastern India as the bastion of intellectuals and communists; Western India as liberal and economically superior and Southern India as the cultured, educated and conservative part of India. But events of the past week has really sullied the image or should I say – the perceived image of Southies.

Yesterday Karnataka BJP Minister Laxman Savadi was caught watching porn videos in the State Assembly. The television camera crews which were stationed in the legislative assembly caught cooperation minister Lakshman Savadi watching a clip on a mobile phone. How low can our politician go? Here is the link to the video for you to see:


If a state minister watching porn within the Assembly wasn’t enough, we got news of the Karnataka State Government sponsoring a Rave Party in Udupi. The three-day event was organised by the district adminstration and the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC), in association with 3W Concepts, to promote coastal tourism from February three. The festival’s aim is to introduce the culture and folklore of the land to foreigners and people from outside the state. Wow since when Rave Parties became our culture and folklore. You can see the video here:


Few days back Tamil actress Caroline Maria Asan was arrested in Pune for prostitution case. Caroline was arrested form a 5 star hotel in Vimal Nagar in Pune. At the time of arrest she was with studios owner M.Rajkumar. She went to Pune for cultural program. She used to charge Rs.3 lakhs for 2 hours entertainmentCaroline Maria Asan acted in Kollywood movies Rain and Wadachalam. She also worked for textile and diamond companies modelling assignments.



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  1. S says:

    How can you put together a thread of three totally different incidents? One about a minister watching porn, the second about a rave party and the third about a prostitution racket. Quite a mish-mash here aiming to make a generalisation about ‘South’.

  2. lond says:

    rave nahi choodai party kaho

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