Subrata Roy Will Runaway To Macedonia Once Out on Bail

Subrato Roy_Macedonia PM Nikola GruevskiAre people at high-places too naive? Supreme Court is willing to give ‘Sahara Shri’ bail if he deposits Rs. 10,000 Crore. But is it prudent to let go off a man who defrauded 2.5Crore poor people of their life’s saving’s through his chit-fund scheme? Don’t the well-read judges know that Subrata Roy has literally bought off Macedonia and holds Macedonian passport? In fact his family members hold Macedonian passports too. Is it legal to hold two passports in India? Sushanto, one of Subrata Roy’s son flaunts his Macedonian citizenship. Has he surrendered his Indian passport? Getting a bail-out for Rs. 10,000 Crores is almost a ticket to runaway from the country.

Subrata Roy is not a saint and he goes to Macedonia and announces to build a statue of Mother Teresa there. Mother Teresa would roll in her grave and Missionaries of Charity should strongly object to this. The Macedonian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski is literally bought out by Subrata Roy with promises of huge investment. Never seen a more gullible PM.

C. Sivasankaran_AmmaSubrata Roy has a penchant to hire all kind of fraud and crooks in his team. I have not known of a single professional individual in his core team. He hob-nobs with one of the wealthiest NRI businesman – C. Sivasankaran, whose second name is ‘CROOK”. C Sivasankaran is infamous for shedding crocodile tears and implicating Dayanidhi Maran for being forced to do the Aircel-Maxis deal. In fact he made millions. C. Sivasankaran is today topping the list of NRIs who made their Millions by fraud. Subrata Roy has no qualms in hanging around with blacklisted stock operators like Vimal Prabhudas Rathod. Vimal Rathod goes about town boasting to be Sahara’s adopted son and is spotted often with him. Sahara Shri had no problems in being seen with Rathod who featured in the IB Report with C Sivasankaran for colluding with promoters of agricultural companies like KS Oils, Karuturi Global, Ruchi Soya to rig the stock prices.

Sahara Shri’s biggest problem was his ego. He thought he is too big and couldn’t be touched. But he should know that KARMA catches up. He defrauded poor people of their live’s earnings to build palaces and now crying hoarse. Mother Teresa’s statue in Macedonia will not get him reprieve, rather fall on him and crush him. DEAR SUPREME COURT please don’t let this man who ruined lives of 2.5 Crore poor people get out so easily.

And yes Narendra Modi and gang will never have anything to say about Subrata Roy. Hamam Mein Sab Nangey Hai!

6 Replies to “Subrata Roy Will Runaway To Macedonia Once Out on Bail”

  1. Kaveri says:

    Jack, Did you see the comment from British School Officials?

  2. Kaveri says:

    Also, check the mumbai mirror articles on the Sahara scam…..appears to be a case of money laundering !!!

  3. Laveena says:

    Bravo for letting bare truth get out. We’re in deep scum…and the world knows, that power is in the hands of a few that do not deserve to be in a position of power.

  4. Colossial says:

    Jack is it true that even Salman khan is planning to leave the country to escape from sentence.He wants to marry a foreigner to be become a foreign citizen and leave abroad comfortably.

  5. It is impossible for Subrat Roy to come out from Tihar.SC has taken right action of detainment.Government is not concern about huge investment made by Sahara outside India.

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