Sanjana Jon – Wanted in the US and now in Haryana, too.

Sanjana Jon used to help her infamous brother Anand Jon who is now serving jail time for rape charges as his marketing and communication manager. But that was then when they were famous in the US. Now Sanjana has made Delhi her home as she can’t go back to the US because warrant is out against her on the charges of meeting a juror in the Anand Jon case. Now in Delhi she has donned the avatar of a designer and we all saw how great a designer she is when FDCI made the blunder of allowing her a sponsored show. Those clothes that Sanjana showed were simply horrendous. But the lady hasn’t given up and carries on designing ugly clothes and showcasing anywhere and everywhere. I doubt many designers are willing to showcase their collection at Chowdhary Devi Lal Stadium along side a wrestling match.Anyway, this lady has also become very charitable and is fighting for the cause of the girl child. But I am sure, you and I, we all know that it’s just a front to rope in sponsors. Her publicist told me that she rents out street kids by paying then 100-200 bucks and poses for the media crowded by these poor kids. No a single paisa has gone to any charity and not a single girl child is sponsored by her. Now our big-hearted lady is in trouble because the arrested event organisor of the ‘Maha Sangram’ fiasco, one Mr. Babbar spilled the beans that it was Sanjana Jon who confirmed Khali’s attendance at the event. Babbar told the cops at Sadar thana that she knew Khali is bound by contract and couldn’t come yet kept us in dark by showing us pictures of her meeting Khali. Babbar accused Sanjana Jon of cheating with malafide intentions and Sadar Thana is all set to book Ms. Jon.Seems law is not on the side of the Jons. Poor girl children, what will they do if Sanjana Jon goes behind bars? Who will pay them 100 bucks to pose for the media and a treat of Samosas and Ladoos (see pic)???

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  1. master says:

    its true this kind of story’s.

  2. jack says:

    Master ji, yes it is true.
    whatever you read here on fashionscandal is true and totally uncensored.

  3. juggy says:

    fashion scandal only speaks the truth. Hari Om.

  4. Anthead says:

    How did she get her show sponsored? The only time I met her in LA, she struck me as rather snooty. I guess the brother’s plight might have brought her down a few notches.

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