Socialite turns Designer

Good lord, when will we stop aping the West. Now that the socialites are turning designers in the west can the desi socialite be far off? NEVER! Joining the likes of Victoria Beckham and Liz Hurley, Ramona has turned designer too. Yes our good ole Ramona Garware nee Vadera nee Narang has turned into a designer and launching her Spring/Summer 2010 collection at Aza on Friday the 19th (13th would had been apt coz I am sure if the collection is genuinely designed by our lady, it would be horrific).

Most likely she will bring her own wardrobe, rehashed as her own designs. And knowing the crazy lunching-ladies of Delhi, madam Ramona will do brisk business. Hope she sells Botox injections with her ensembles because those saggy derriere and bust(ier) would need a jab to firm up and look good in Ramona’s designs a-la- Ramona-ishtyle (which means lots of cleavage and lots of thighs).What I fear the most is that soon Ramona Narang will be sought after for Grand Finale shows at Fashion Weeks. Mark my words!

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  1. Gold! you save my day 😉

  2. name says:

    Happy New Year!

  3. I can’t believe Elisabeth Taylor is dead. It’s very sad day not only for her fans but every movie fans also. She was one of greatest actress of all times. RIP Dear Elisabeth.

  4. excellent. just excellent

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