Malaika Arora Khan & Arjun Kapoor

When the buzz broke-off about Malaika Arora Khan and Boney Kapoor’s son, Arjun Kapoor having an affair, I wasn’t shocked at all. Why? Simply because I recalled the days at IIFA 2010 in Colombo where I always spotted Arjun Kapoor (podgy and specy those days) running after Malaika as a chaperon. Arjun very much looked smitten by the bubble-butt Malaika’s charm. In fact I shared the the lift with them twice at the hotel and now since this affair thing has come out, I can put two in to two.

If Malaika was anywhere, Arjun had to be around. At the breakfast buffet where stars also had to come down to the coffee shop, the smitten Arjun was always on his toes serving Madam Bubble-Butt her juice, her eggs and I wondered why somebody like Boney Kapoor’s son is slaving around for an ‘Item-Girl.’ Now the picture is clear indeed!

Salman Khan never liked his bhabi – Malaika or her sister Amrita. This was published in Mid-Day a month or so back. I posted immediately after Dabang’s success about a statement that Sallu made to his Wealth Manager – “I am happy for Arbaaz. Now Malaika need not do those raunchy Item Numbers.” Salman is very conservative about women related to him. He could never take Malaika’s and Amrita’s wild partying ways and their skimpy clothes.

God only knows what will be the outcome of this buzz within Khan family but what’s wrong with Arjun Kapoor? Why go for silicon pumped and botoxed beauty when there are plenty of real ones around??? Must be his post adolescence crush!

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  1. gossipgirl says:

    Thanks for the update. More gossip please. How about something on Gauri and Suzanne ‘s and their secret outings to Goa to have fun. What Malaika does in Mumbai these girls do it in Goa.

  2. rumor mill says:

    wow..this was quite a shocker..not that i’m judgn but malaika n arbaaz looked too much in love..never thot malaika wld stray but i’m not blaming her completely..always felt arbaaz took her for granted n also she was always at the receivin end from salman n his family for doing item numbers but she was the bread winner in the relationship so no one has the right to judge her for what she does to bring home the food.She made a mistake but shd b spared of all the scrutiny n mockery…just saying.

  3. Gossipgirl is so right!!! Gauri and Shahrukh have an open marriage, word from close sources is that Gauri would hook up with guys on her jaunts. O and Shahrukh apparently likes women and had a thing with Aishwariya! We all know that, but just saying..

    Also Ash used to treat Salman worse than crap! The bashings were unwarranted..though that’s one of the things that ignited the dude’s erratic behaviour.

  4. And here is the biggest piece of gossip for you from me, Mahesh Bhatt is gay or so; he experiments. He asked a struggler out on a date!

  5. gossipgirl says:

    And one more piece of news. Nikhil Dwivedi was SRK’s toy boy and then he moved on to Salman Khan.
    That was the reason for their fallout and the fight which happened at Katrina’s birthdays.

  6. Anthead says:

    Surely there’s no way Malaika’s item numbers alone can pay for her and Arbaaz’s lifestyle. Doesn’t Salman take care of the entire family, including all his siblings and their spouses?

  7. antifascism says:

    I don’t care how the others who commented here are feeling about your article – I still like it.

  8. B says:

    If Salman is so uptight about women related to him…it was in Dabbang that Munni danced in right? LoL

    but omg, this website + a lot of the comments = eye popping news! lol

  9. Anita says:

    So humiliating for the Khans!
    They have money, power, fame, muscle…but can’t control the women in their family!
    Worse, they don’t dare throw out Malaika as it is better that she pisses out of their home than, once thrown out, pissses towards their home.

  10. Stuckwithnews says:

    OMG…I love this site….Jack you are awesome….!!!!!! And the comments on the posts are fundooo news!!!

  11. Jonny says:

    I heard SRK and John Abraham did it in the pool in bangkok. It was surely Bang Kok

  12. nirjharkant says:

    Malaika arora is a cock slut..everyone knows that.I dont know why in the world a gentleman like Arbaaz khan marry a whore like Malaika.It wouldn’t be surprising if one says that Malaika must have fucked atleast a dozen men before marrying him and continues to do so…she has an incredible ass to fuck…has the ability to easily accomodate a feet long natural for anyone to fall for that whore woman….i guess she must be residing in GB road sometimes…LOL!!

  13. tapan says:

    its not arjun kapur’s fault.any guy can fall 4 malaika on any day,i bat.just look at her sexy,seductive looks.will feel great 2 make love 2 her.

  14. amit mohanty says:

    all fucking bastards dont make bad comments about malaika arora khan shez a nice person u should be ashamed to speak about her . she is the only women who is sober down to earth despite being so successful

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