Padma Lakshmi – The New Ambassadress of Botox

Padma Lakshmi appears to be in a serious competition with Simi Garewal on who can hold the most Botox in their face!

On her appearance at 2011 Emmys, my gaze was more fixed at Padma Lakshmi’s Frozen Face than her Armani Privé 
Golden Gown or her Jimmy Choo sandals. She sure did look worse than Simi, who till now was the Queen of Botox. Padma beats Simi hollow. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

3 Replies to “Padma Lakshmi – The New Ambassadress of Botox”

  1. stuckwithnews says:

    Finally someone puts it in writing ..what I have been thinking all this time… Padma is totally botoxed

  2. Umm? says:

    Why does it matter if they got botox?
    Plus, Simi or Padma don’t look bad.
    Koena does, Hence talking about her makes sense.

  3. daaa says:

    I think Padma is beautiful, i didnt know who she was until i saw this morning top cheff and she is very pretty, also we all have bad pictures, botox or not she is gorgeus

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