Malaika and Arjun affair is nearly a decade old

I wonder why there’s so much hullabaloo over Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor romantic saga suddenly. Is it because the duo spent Malaika’s birthday in Italy?

Fashionscandal posted about Malaika (then married to Arbaaz Khan) and Arjun Kapoor (then not a movie star) romance way back in April 2011. I remember many brushed the post as an unimaginable gossip but it wasn’t. It’s probably more in open now. But yes Malaika and Arjun are in love now for almost over 8 years.

Here is the link to the ‘breaking news’ Fashionscandal posted on April 29, 2011:


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  1. Avanti says:

    Kudos to you Jack for breaking the news first! Have you got any gossip from Delhi circles?

    What about the recent massive wedding that took place in Delhi and Jodhpur? Heard guests were flown to Jodhpur in private jet and there were to massive parties: one Wakanda themed and another surrealist one and the likes of Wiz Kid, Shakira etc performed? Surpassingly not many Bollywood stars at the wedding, guveb it was high profile I thought there would be an abundance of stars! Would love some gossip from the wedding.

  2. Kav says:

    Jack what about Shweta Nanda and HR? Are they still going strong? She seems to be permanently residing in Mumbai now and calls herself Shweta Bachpan. What’s with the attempt to suddenly appears in adverts, launch books and clothing lines and the very public snubbing of ARB at clothing launch? Are the Bachman’s trying to find her stable career before the divorce?

  3. Kanav says:

    Jack any goss on the Impending Sood wedding?

    Heard rumours about the telecom scions second twin son who’s hiking up the company’s ladder and Avani B any truth in that?

    And what’s with Alia and Ranbir? Kjo seems to be trying to hard to hard to promote her as some sexy a lister

  4. Deep says:

    Arjun has a lot of gall for someone who blamed Sridevi when clearly his father was to be blamed and didn’t think twice before doing the same to Malaika…Hypocrite of the highest order…jaisa baap, waisa beta….always garnering sympathy by pretending to be a Bechara…

  5. FK says:

    Either he’s got a 12″ or she has one. Either way it’s sick!

  6. Sharani says:

    I dont understand why you stopped writing here and I see you posting old articles as a proof or as a show off piece ‘ see I wrote that ‘ stuff. Disappointed. Have you been threatened Jaydeep? There are so so many things you can write about and you are so damn QUITE. Whyyy?

  7. Alcie says:

    what about Raymond and aloo? it sounds like a fake relationship.

  8. john smith says:

    because you have stopped posting things here. This place is so dead now 🙁

  9. Sheena says:

    You know I even remember from then and yhiihhbif u Jack when I first read it again this year. Same goes for Alia-RK who as you had reported had a short affair in 2014

  10. VD says:

    Jack, I am sure you know this but the Nepal goss columns saying that a VVVIP of Delhi is dating a journalist that works for a foreign media outlet. Is that true? This has been reported on and off for a while now. You can say yes without naming 🙂

  11. jack says:

    Are you talking about Barkha?

  12. jack says:

    Sharani I am literally going through hell.
    A cartel of very powerful people have silenced me by framing me in various charges. I have been beaten-up, incarcerated and now I just spend my time and money running from police stations to courts and trials. I am bankrupt. Even paying for my server charges is load on me. I am fighting this false charges all alone. It’s a mean world out there and in these times you get no support.
    If I survive this and am alive and hopefully come out of the legal tangles, I’ll get back to write the real stuff.
    I don’t want to to show-off. I am not that kind of a person.
    Bear with me and am sorry to disappoint you all…powerful people can get awy with anything.

  13. john smith says:

    I am sure you will make it. Loads of strength your way. XOXO

  14. Sharani says:

    Will you forgive me for writing harsh and without knowing the fact of what you are going through please ???. I AM SORRY. Please know that I will be praying for you every day to come out of the hard situations you are going through without any scratch. This I mean it because I dont believe in people with power doing anything and getting away from it. Be strong and take your time. All that matters is your wellbeing physical and mental health. Lots of love n best wishes

  15. VD says:

    Jack, ,very sorry to hear everything you are going through. The good always prevails. We are all with you. Sending you some good energy.

  16. jack says:

    Chill Sharani…It’s cool

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