Alia Bhatt Does A Knicker-Flash

Alia Bhatt_Knicker Flash

Alia Bhatt_Knicker Flash

The rising star of Bollywood – Alia Bhatt did a knicker-flash lately. I know lot of readers and Alia Bhatt’s fans will hate me for this but I personally believe that fame is a double-edged sword. It avails you loads of perks and give you some pain too! Hence the celebrity got to deal with it as she is in the public space.

AliaBhatt02Alia Bhatt has earned the reputation of B-Town’s fashionista, second to none other than Bollywood’s favorite fashionista – Sonam Kapoor. Sonam flashed side-boobs in Cannes but lot of desi designers stated that side-boob exposure is a global trend. Hope knicker-flashing isn’t a fad too.

When a famous personality goes to an event knowing that their would be scores of photographers, she should keep in mind to wear a dress that doesn’t lead to a fashion faux-pas. Wearing a short dress is perfectly all right for Alia Bhatt but then she should have taken care to sit down properly with her knees locked and tilted to one side to avoid any unwanted snaps captured by the shutterbugs. Alia it is time you practice the Victorian style of propriety and learn how to maintain poise and elegance while wearing a short dress.

13 Replies to “Alia Bhatt Does A Knicker-Flash”

  1. Lovely says:

    FashionScandal, is there any truth to the recent report that SRK and Priyanka had a midnight nikaah in Toronto last year????

  2. Z says:

    no one touches SRK’s gossip…atleast you do. Is there any truth to Priyanka and SRK still meeting secretly and going on strong?

  3. Lovely says:

    @z. There was a report they had married in Toronto last year because her ailing father wanted to see her married. She was happy to keep it a secret for the sake of her career. Waiting for the FashionScandal angle on this tho!

  4. shivani says:

    Yes pls tell us.. Srk n pcee rumors…

  5. jack says:

    Believe U me I had probed all sources and the SRK – Piggy Chops marriage wasn’t validated. There was some chemistry those days but that’s about it…
    Soon I will give u the new lady who caught SRK’s fancy.

  6. God_Shareef says:

    Aye aye
    Chaddhi ka baat karo bas.
    Ye isska Chaddhi mein SRK & BotoxXxed Lips kahan se aagaye, i mean Chaddhi wala baat mein.
    Why go crazy about Buddha Murrgaaz like SRK, Salman, Aamir.
    Wo bhi to chaddhi chhod ke aaya, wo bhi PK.

    I witnessed so many dhalti jawaanies. In their primeTime no a$$ ever dared to convince the top actors to show skin. But when they slip on slope they preferred some non conventional, unique, once in a life time ch&t, i mean role and try something ala Rani’s Aaiyaa Aaiyaa act, which flopped comfortably with the career of that ugly south indian actor too.

    In Hindi Cinema, every single actor wore bikini at some point of their career but only Zeenat & ParVeen Babi proved their assets and opened the gates to eternal blossoms during their early start.
    Baaki to sab taayen taayen phissh!!!

    Recently if I can reCall someOne who retired in a saree without burning herself too much, ala Mardaani Rani, jo pata nahi latak latak ke kab retire hogi, that was SuperStarni SriDevi in a saree in Judaai & instead of trying her latka hua latka jhatka ala Madhuri in Aaja Nachle, which bombed pretty well, but here our SuperStarni made a comeBack in a Saree avatar in DIGNIFIED English-Vinglish with adulation.
    Who would believe that she’s the original thunder thighs girl of indian cinema.
    Remember HimmatWala with jumping Jeetu.
    How camera moved with her thighs. That was really an eye opener for me kiddo, at that time.

    Ab zamaana alag hai bhaai.
    Ab to bas chaddhi pehan ke hi Alia khilta hai.
    Chal ab tu bhi khil.
    Thoda chaddhi pehan, wo bhi PK 🙂
    Meri tarah 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Aapki kambakhat, ghar ujaadu, aag lagaau, par aapki hi God_Shareef.
    Kya aapke andar ki God, Shareef hai???
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.S. Aye Jack, SRK ka fancy to…. koi K Jo hi tha naa…
    Tcch tcch tcch… Sidharth ki Kasam.
    Chaahe pooch lo Niranjan Aiyenger se 🙂
    Ye SAB log andar bandh hoke aaj bhi SAATH HI HAIN.

  7. Colossial says:

    Every female actor has done knicker flash one time or another. Specially when they do not have any movie coming at that time. Wadrobe malfunction is the best way to grab attention.More visibility in public minds means more movies and endorsement for more money.

  8. Pegandahat says:

    Thanks Jack!! The dough you give us on SRK probably will be the best

  9. Lovely says:

    Yes. Please also fill us in on his relationship with the Moranis and his IPL wheelings and dealings behind closed doors.

  10. ritzii says:

    Are you talking about Kanika Chandok, Jack??

  11. Lovely says:

    And also how is SRK so effective in censoring the media on all his scandals – affairs and mistresses, shady business dealings, even his drivers assault of Sangeeta Bijlanis maid. If a Bollywood star can censor the mainstream media and bully them into submission (even without any equity in media assets), then what muck must our lovely pollies, industrialists, and business tycoons be concealing from us???

  12. VML says:

    @Lovely – Agree. Jack, why and how are SRK’s shenanigans so protected? Can you also shed some light on the missing files of Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case? Apparently they have been found now. Some lame excuse of replacing the files when the police station was being refurbished. I don’t believe their lame excuse though.

  13. Priti says:

    this guy OMAR QURESHI from zoom tv, he looks fucking ugly, but he is a smart, sophiticated speaker/talker…… i heard he has recently started dating some A-lister ……

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