Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt Are Dating

Ranbir Kapoor_Alia BhattI wrote about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhat’s affair way back in February 2014. Many mocked me then…and now they are calling it ‘Breaking News’!

Here it is…published on February 21, 2014:

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif love-story is over for sure. I believe the breaking point was over the word ‘commitment’, which Ranbir shies away from. Now the lady who occupies all the space in Ranbir Kapoor’s heart is the dainty Alia Bhatt. I am sure many will laugh this off but that never had deterred me from posting facts. And in no way this news is based on the fact that Ranbir is actively promoting Alia-Randeep starrer – Highway.

ranbi-alia-highwayNor is the news of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt based on their mutual admiration for each other, which both have voiced openly. My source is more reliable than so called ‘tabloid gossips’.

Arjun_MalaikaArjun-Kapoor-Alia-BhattYou may ask what happened to Arjun Kapoor. He was linked with Alia Bhatt. Folks Arjun Kapoor is loyal to madam Munni . I had written about it way back in April 2011 and the saga is still on, though very discreetly. Link to the earlier post is here:


79 Replies to “Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt Are Dating”

  1. Tanya says:

    Really, after years of on/off Ran-Kat are over?? I think by the time their film comes out they’ll be conveniently back on, lol.

    Why the heck is Ranbir hooking up with a teen??

  2. shivani says:

    Isn’t alia a teenager???
    Wow arjun still hooking up with munni mam…chokra jawan re……

  3. n55682@rtrtr.com says:

    Now Neetu can happily cut both Ranbir and Alia’s nail.

  4. Lovely says:

    Wow. Another great scoop. You guys put MissMalini to shame. Keep up the good work giving us the real goss!!!!

  5. Colossial says:

    I think its a long run for Ranbir as Alia will not tolerate his flings if true.

  6. butterfly says:

    Jack, why is Arbaaz putting up with Munni. I thought they were going to divorce. Y did they call it off? Give us more scoop on this pls.

  7. Colossial says:

    @ Butterfly Arbaaz also has flings. In think its an open marriage for them

  8. nefarious says:

    this one will be over before the news goes public 😀 Hes gotta be really in love with alia for her to mend his ways.

  9. Jaz says:

    I think you should go back to your “sources” and ask them this same question when they are not high. He isn’t dating Alia. He broke up with Katrina on the 27th of december to be precise and hasn’t hooked up with anyone since.

  10. sang says:

    its unbelievable.. and yet so believable… LOL
    Duggu is single now, so KAT Good luck babes.
    & for Ranbir Alia – I think Alia is just like RK when it comes to flings…. she keep changing her bfs.
    Munni and Arjun – Okay.. so is this the reason that Malaika didnt said much when Arjun promoted his movie on IGT.

    Jack, u have written this article, so i know its 100 per cent true. No way I am going to believe others who may post denying stories, may be for some moolahs!!

  11. Pink Martini says:

    Ranbir is one big playboy…but u doing an awesome job..

  12. hrithika says:

    please we want some gossips about hrithik/kat are they dating?

  13. God_ShaReeF says:

    Arre kya bakwaas ho rahi hai ye???
    You all misCarriages of mystery excluding Jack please listen now and allow me or I will self procure the stage to announce the glory of above mentioned relationShips.
    To be precise, while working it’s very easy to feel sensual towards your co actors while shooting intimate’s.
    So obviously Poor Alia is no fool to disGrace the amount of sexual energy exuding out of the rockStar…
    And when your rockStar’s been talk of all the Coffee’s, Sofa’s, Couches and you know … mmm…
    i mean even your f $@€ ing bed.
    So same way kindly do not worry about your
    your fabulous Munni for that matter even your IshqZaada-Bull who does not share very good views about women while chatting in his private CHEMICAL abode due to “Sauteli Maa ke diye hue Dukh-Dard”.
    Please grant him to take care of Munni whose already beSotted with her achieved fame quite earlier compared to her non famed but hit director due to Dabang brother’s branding.
    Munni ko bhi to jeena hai. Khan naam milna aasaan hai kya.
    Kaise kaise kaam kiye ye dono chhoti si umar se, ask Amrita naa… and Clandestine Channel V &$#£¥₩€ STINTS.
    Ab tu kya VJ Cyrus ko phone karregi for the confirmation.
    See…Munni badNaam hui to kya…
    This is the BOLLYWOOD!!! Jhandu Baam ki kasam!
    Akela aap “Rai” ho. You indulge in all kinds of activities apart from being a movie star and enjoying all the fancy perks.A brand company signs you for 1 crore but if by chance and as non grata to in laws you STILL get the chance to get settled in first & the foreMost family then you get all the BONUS buggy bags lets say around 6 crores for the same shoot with your flop baggy hubby non actor refugee…
    So honey these are the stories of Glamour, Money, Bonding, Branding & Sex.
    Which you can’t realise until you are the part of the BandWagon.
    Zyaadatar risshton ke peeche BRANDING, PROMOTION, VALUES, kutte paise waali hi hoti hain.
    Sex comes very late. LOVE ko to tu bhool hi jaa.
    Aaj bhi kisi Nobab ki Patudeeh gawaah hai unn khatarNaak raaton ki jab wahan husnoBoys ke mele laggte the.
    Ek Gudda ki Kasam, AjayVijay ki kasam, ek Amrita ki kasam…
    Chal chhod. Different story, some other time…
    Tu shaadi ke baad Begam bann jaa Mehlon ki
    Mujh buddhe ki dhallti jawaani ek jawaan kamaau biwi ke zarriye 5-7 filmein aur dilwaa de to katt gayi na zindagi mazZze mein..
    Waqt bura hai.
    Aunty ke saath usska FAVOURITE kutta hai.
    And Uncle ji ke saath unnka PAALTU Boy.
    Chalne de sab.
    Tu to baat karr bas Bharat Shahaani & KanavPoori ki.
    Poor Rhythmaaaa who confiscated her dreams due to Horrible Angry Dad (HAD) and preferred to settle down with this Ludhiana ki paise waali some sweater/knitWear party.
    I feel sorry for her.
    Because it says a lot about one more angle.
    This bitchKanav’s got another rockStarrish angle.
    Here comes your this new Blue Boy in Kanav’s Ferrari.
    Saale pe paisa naa jaane kahan se aaya hai.
    Innka Mummy ji to itta fraud ki hai.
    Thanx to interNet facts.
    Mr Poori took good care of Blue Starrer’s, ailing with cancer, Buaji in LunDone very recently and became the final nail in between Katrinaah & the Blue Boy’s LoveyDovey Coffin.
    Baaki kya bolun…
    Ek baat aaj tum saare log likh lo.
    Aaj yehan FashScan par…
    That Ranboo, Prince Raul & Dabang Dada kabhi shaadi nahi karega!!!
    Ab tu thoda khuja
    Aage khisakKkkkkk…
    Baaki don worry about Katrinaah.
    Unnka to kaam JINN filmon se shuru hua tha, wo kabhi bhi wahan waapis join karr sakti hain.
    My mom NEETU bhi aaisa hi socchti.
    Poor fella…
    Itta bada naam haath se nikal gaya.
    Ram teri ganga maili… ufff

    Kya aapke andar ka God, ShaReef hai 🙂

    Sent from Samsung tablet

  14. vml says:

    Jack, what about Duggu and Kat bonding?

  15. G2 says:

    @godshareef rabbit is gay/bisexual..Got it. Thanks 😉

  16. ss says:

    wow.. can someone decode what mr shareef is saying!!

  17. Kaveri says:

    Rabbit = Ranbir???

    Ranbir is gay ??? Why was he proposing marriage to Dp and Kat???

    Crazy !!!!

  18. God_ShaReeF says:

    Hey G2
    You Naughty Nut of NatKhat Pg3
    Tujhe wahi maarun kya
    Jahan Anjalee, Arjun ko maarti…
    Ha ha ha
    I love you G2

  19. lovelylibran says:

    @God shareef…aapne toh bollywood ka saara kaccha chitta khol diya!! In sabki lives itni disgusting hai.. I always wonder that people don’t know their truth or else they won’t be worshipped. ..loved your whole article. .

  20. God_ShaReeF says:

    Dear Kaveri above to above to above commentator @ FashScan,
    Proposing or dangling with a girl is so ‘it’ mardon wali thing in our BollyWood that unless you announce a girl as your own or if you don break a bottle on her head like some”thing” “Bijli” this aam janta never take your notice.
    I swear on Mikka ki pappi & Raakhee ki botoxed jhappi.
    The only masculine pronouncement on Indie scene is to proclaim, announce, abuse, molest & kuch aur nahi to rape ala this UNKNOWN BUT NOT ANYMORE Geetika Tyagi fiasco.
    Though she’s been chucked out of STAR NEWS long time back while flickering a mobile phone & caught in the camera.
    But few said it was some ATM Card of one more Cigarette ki bhookhi wanabe IMMLI anchor, some Fazia Immli.
    But CCTV footage emerged with the mobile handSet only…
    Both were ANCHORS with STAR NEWS @ BomBay Bureau.
    You can check HR Facts…

    So coming back to prove your masculanity angle, this is the best way.
    This Rabbit comes close but then never COME CLOSE.
    It was quite evident even in that Coffee/Couch show.
    When your 2 Lambi ghodies snarled for a DonKey Ass.
    RABBIT will never marry.
    Dekh lo naa..
    Uss late chief minister ka beta kaise phas gaya due to family ke MUKH se pressure.
    Haaye Raam, I feel so sad for his Partner e Aftaab’i’.
    Wo to kambakhat abhi bhi kanwaara hai.
    But he’s very straight.
    Wo to jisska Baapu Chief Minister ho, usska to Popat bhi LolliPop hai.
    Chal maine bola na ke tu to bass chinta kar Rhythmaa ki, jo phass gayi bechaari, Gunalia ki bhi karr jo phass gayi bechaari.
    Tussar Kapur ki Kasam…
    Uss muuey ne to BhakShay Kumar ko bhi nahi chhoda.
    This TWINKLE piece of ‘2 minute noodle’ ko movie chaahiye tha.
    Bhai Tussar ka sister boht bada QueenMaker hai.
    Failed Once upon a time ki kasam.
    Uss filim ke Vanity Van ki Kamini Kahaaniyon ki Kasam.
    Log filim paane ke chakkar mein dekho dekho kya kya karrte.
    Aur KHUSHI tu manaa Ameeshaah ki jo Kanav Poori ka Poori Sabzi bann jaane se pehle hi bacch gayi.
    Ye “Bharat” dessh mein “Rabbit” ka muh mein “Poori” hai aajkal.
    Chal tu bhi jhoom baraabar jhoom sharaabi jhoom baraabar jhoom…
    Ye hai Page3 ki Aulad, BollyWood meri jaan.

    P.S. ohh my god inn badi murrgiyon ke saath uss chhoti si wanabe pussy cat Geetika Tyagi ko bhi aaj FashScan mein jagah mil hi gayi. (Inase it gets published)
    Oooooooo Maaaaaaa
    Above commentator LovelyLibran aapka taareef se mera poori bhi accha se phool raha hai. Koi sabzi mujhe bhi chaahiye Ferrari mein baitth ke…
    Thank you FashScan for the Liberated Pussies & DonKeys of DallyWood oops BollyWood.

    Kya aapke andar ka God, ShaReeF hai 🙂

  21. Melody says:

    GoD_ShaReeF, kya aapke andar ka God ShaReef hai yan “drunk” hai ? 🙂 Bhai khul ke “English” mein likho please. You write interesting stuff but takes a lot of time to read and decode 🙂

  22. Melody says:

    GoD_ShaReeF, who is is Prince Raul? Rahul Gandhi? I heard he was dating Priya x-Chattwal’s sis? But I’m sure he will NEVER marry! And any ways, there’s no big deal with not marrying – Marriage is now an outdated institution!!

  23. Goz Czar says:

    I follow this site and really like it. Jack-great work you are doing here!
    I couldn’t understand God shareef’s comments sometime.
    Are you saying Ranbir is gay?
    whose mother is the fraud? Bharat Shahani? Please explain.
    KanavPoori and Bharat Shahani??
    this bollywood is filth…….thank you for opening my eyes!

  24. SS says:

    god_shareef- I think you are making stuff up man! Sounds more like some generated gossip because of personal problems that you have with some of those folks. It just sounds like fantasy! Jack- I believe him… but dude you… just creating and spreading random gossip man! Its impossible that ranbir is gay/bi. He has been dating a bunch of women for years… its 1 thing if he was not dating too much…here and there.. I could see that being a veil to hide the real deal (e.g tushar kapoor) but this is just untrue dude.. – cheating on 1 chick to be with another chick.. hardly a thing that a gay guy would do!

  25. Curse says:

    I had been sayin it since donkey’s years that Ranbir is gay (bi is myth) . At one point he was dating Adhyayan Suman.

  26. Jaz says:

    hahahha adhyayan suman. Now people have really lost it here.

  27. Goz Czar says:

    Agree SS. GodShareef seems confused to me. cannot even understand what he/she is saying.
    who are these people?
    Who is Bharat Shahani? Mumbai crowd? Is he gay too?
    Is he seeing this bhaaji Poori or is Ranbir?

  28. Kaveri says:

    Amazing and Shocking stuff God_Shareef!!

    MissMalini and Rajeev Masand’s Blinds appear lame in comparison to the stuff disclosed on this site!!

    How sad is it that Riddhima was forced in
    to marriage !!!

  29. ss says:

    Didnt fashscan report that he saw RK making out with some industrialist girl at some random club in pune? How can he be gay? And to add that Dabang Bhai is also gay? Hahahha.. ok, cmon Shareef, itna bhi gossip mat banao..
    He has had a string of affairs and girls wanting to marry him, but backed out because of his cheating

  30. God_ShaReeF says:

    Aye aye aye…
    Duggaah Duggaah (Maa Durga)
    All the CheerFarters,
    Listen listen
    There is no mention of Movie Star Ranbir Kapoor in any of my posts but same time coding/decoding insinuate few ignites where few visitors @ fashScan can not crack the codes.
    AND I do not believe that any site or for that matter fashScan is being operated just to make 1 single visitor happy or make them/ understanding/Coding or Decoding.
    This work of fashScan or any similar, never or should never indulge in branding/PR activity or PAID NEWS trend.
    FashScan is for millions of visitors, BUT(T) not only for a few bunch of respected visitors AND ABOVE COMMENTATORS like “””Goz Czar & SS”””.
    Simply speaking,
    People come here, they respect each other, they try to analyse according to their own sensibilities. BUT BUT BUT…
    I swear you really need few Steven SpielBerg GUTS to convince SUCH VISITORS who are not even aware of BHARAT SHAHAANI or KANAV POORI in Indie Page3.
    I give you a clue.
    Check out Ameeshaaha Patel’s history but if you say WHO AMEESHAAHA then please pinch your butt.
    Here no one can help you.
    Because then you sound like a planter and not from the world of fashScan & Related!!!
    Such commentators are not part of Fashion or Page3 world.
    I respect there ignorance though sometimes it gives you an edgy idea of PLANTERS from the discussed parties.
    But then this is Page3, jahan Aunty ka Kutta unnke saath hai and Uncle ka Paaltu unnke neeche…
    We come @ fashScan, we analyse, we crack few, we do not crack anything but shall be relieved with co-commentators replies where few take names openly, few understand it,
    few DO NOT.
    But I have never evertaken anyName like any Ranbir Kapoor of this planet.
    I believe in serving half baked bacons so to entice and maintain the quality of perseverance.
    You got this OR not.
    That’s your existence problem.
    You wanna be part of fashScan or Fashion or Page3 or BollyWood, better better better to butter up some knowledge grease so maah kind of cracks go inside such commentator’s MIND quite easily in a slippery mode…
    Ohhhhh La La…

    Naach naa jaane, Aangan tedha.
    On this,
    i respect ABOVE COMMENTATOR “MELODY” and would love to MAINTAIN HINGLISH.
    This is very different era of languages.
    Kaan mein dam hai to bandh karrwa lo.
    This is YoYo time.
    Whole nite you thumkaaoed your a$$ on hindi gaana’s only.
    Your name is something like Tavishi, Paitandi or whatEver according to Shaastraas. You screw up your maid in typical hindi punjabi SHOLOKAAS but prefer ENGLISH only here.
    Don be a dumbo, be a Smart Dumbo yaar!!!
    … Ek to saali ASSLI khabrein laake do,
    upar se innki AUNTY GIRI…
    Huh 🙂
    Aaye bade mujhe bataane waale.
    Ab to reply???
    I am waiting????????

    Kya aapke andar ki God, ShaReef hai.

  31. Kaveri says:

    Keep at it God_Shareef, we will decipher !!

    No other site that I know of is so open and unbiased…most sites just suck upto the biggies…. Planting sweet and sugar syrup stories if these so called icons and superstars….this is on site that tells it like it is….

  32. shivani says:

    God shareef… Acche reply de rahe ho… Maza aa gya appke comments padke…. Hahaha…aise hi likhte rahiye..

  33. SS says:

    God_shareef.. Ok so I’m pretty clued in on who all of these players are… Puri..rabbit.. Bharat..all of em… And actually get what you are trying to do.. Entice folks in… But your ‘khabars’ seem outright fake is what I think.. Just pure fantasy.. Made up crap..

  34. God_ShaReeF says:

    SHIVANI just above commentator,
    Aahaaa meethi meethi
    Muggli Ghutti Paanch Saw PachPan
    Kisiko teekhi lagi to main kya karun 🙁
    I Love You Shivani 🙂
    And I Love inTello Kaveri, the Code Scanner!!!

    P.S. My gawwWwwd ( just imagine my botoXers while STRETCHING “gawwWwwd” in typical Pg.3 Aunty Style ala Hanushhkaah Sharmaah)…
    My gawwWwwd, dekho to…
    Acchi baat shuru hui chhoti si Alia ki, jo fashScan pe itti lambi ho gayi.
    I have been bombarded with congrie calls from maah CONFIDENTEssssss hiss hiss in french.
    Aaj to hui hui ho gayi page3 world mein.
    Haaye Raam 🙂


  35. God_ShaReeF says:

    A Straight reply to “””SS””” purely in Mohammad Ali style (eXactly 50 years ago he shook the world in 1964)
    … accha accha tell me SS,
    How “ENGAGING” is my CRAP FOR YOU!!!
    Disshum with the 1 Liner.
    … I Love SS also for all the inQuisitiveNess.
    Fool’on ke saath Kaatein bhi lene hain.
    This is life!!!

    Accha guys, I would love to join you on some other NEW post very soon.
    ENOUGH of BollyWood Launderette.
    We should know the maXimation of EngrossMent so Munni zyaada badnaam naa ho…
    Till then keep doing tightly what you love most to do you silly silky slurpy hiss hiss of hippoPotaMus 🙂
    Bye bye

    Kya aapke andar ki God, ShaReeF hai 🙂

  36. Goz Czar says:

    GodShareef, you got senti man. yr messages are not clear but samajhdharkoishaarakaafi hai.
    know these dehli people and i don’t agree with u. this is fake news abour poori and shahani. get yr facts right first darling

  37. God_ShaReeF says:

    Hey Czar of Goz,
    Kindly go to PlanetRomeo.com to check Poori’s credentials.
    If i send you the URL that would be too much.
    Please enjoy half baked bacons.
    And please do not GET SENTIMENTAL about Shahani & Poori.
    Hope you’n’t the sabzi from the SAME PLATTER.
    Why you bother so much about these 2 specifics only.
    While stretching their limbo you CRACK THEM’UP ON YOUR OWN.
    They do not deserve SUCH from a wellWisher like you as you sound the one…
    Take Care!!!

  38. Goz Czar says:

    who knows God is Shareef or not!
    why are you out to get them?
    I want you to get your facts right. let us stop battling like kiddos.
    have the give the devil his due – you are very entertaining. keep on the good work and hope you don’t too ‘un’ Shareef.

  39. Goz Czar says:

    you are obsessed with but(T)s, cracks. Read all of yr posts.
    Hope it is not the case of SOUR GRAPES…tsk tsk

  40. lovelylibran says:

    @God shareef with sooo much info, why don’t you start a blog of your own? ? I’m sure you will have many readers/fans. . The industry is full of strange people n stranger relationships. . From fake smiles to fake marriages. . It has it all. So don’t believe whatever you see n especially what you read in the newspapers.. There’s more than what meets the eye. . And if all the real faces n lives are revealed then there would be no fans n worshippers left. .

  41. God_ShaReeF says:

    I would have loved to do according to sweet LovelyLibran but then fashScan is “unique”.
    I will do something else…
    Koi fashScan hai to koi BigB.
    No one can replace anyone.
    In India i do not think or can call anyOne else for such stupendous pure popular page3 press ePaper except fashionScandal.com which is not paid or governed by corporate lobby.
    This is what do I believe.
    I do not see much ad power here but then that’s the price of Deep Throat Journalism.
    I don have that kind of money otherWise I would love to offer my bullock to acquire fashScan.
    It is not oneDay job.
    Boond boond se gaagar mein saagar…
    Cheers to FashionScandal.com

    We can love this unique venture, rarely sometimes we hate it but surely regularly we CHECK it & that’s the irony 🙂
    Accept or Reject?
    Your wish!!!
    So LovelyLibran your favourite GoD_ShaReeF is happy @ fashScan only, but loved your wish also.
    Muaah… pure page3 style with fresh sparkling set of teeth.
    No baddhBoo added. (Of Chicken en Wine mashUp… eeee)
    Full Stop. Good Night everyOne.

    Aapki/a GoD_ShaReeF
    Kya aapke andar ki God, ShaReeF hai 🙂

  42. jack says:

    God Shareef, yes no Ad-Revenue…m bleeding…then there are legal cases n police matters, which too cost money
    Wanna buy a stake???

  43. God_ShaReeF says:

    Would love to, but no aaish without cash.
    But surely surely has an award ceremony in the pipeline as annual ritual of FashionScandal.com 🙂
    I have planned it but yet to disCuss with my team.
    Atleast we can start a youTube channel to promote the site and the annual function.
    Few people really would love to talk to others openly, this is what I do believe for a bright future for everyOne.
    Abhi pakka kya bolein, paisa hai nahi, phir chhota muh badi baat ho jaayegi…
    It’s not easy to sumUp fashScan… in oneGo —>
    Phir kahoge SOUR GRAPES, but (t) inn saalon ko jo free ka wine chaahiye hota hai naa party mein wo bhi saala SOUR GRAPES ka hi bannta hai, but (t) then that’s the irony of these free ka gateCRACKERS oops crashers…

  44. Curse says:

    Leave the site as it is. Once the YouTube happens, promotions happen, the site will die,, a la Bollywood Basket. Let’s savor what we have

  45. jack says:

    One thing for sure-fashionscandal will never die!

  46. Goz Czar says:

    Agree, Jack. this website rocks. Has and will ALWAYS. Kudos to you ALONE.
    Then who cares if you are a BADMASH or otherwise:)

    I challenge someone who had Dum in his/her Bum to do the work you are doing. Hai koi? Baat kartey hain. Pehle English Vinglish toh seekho. Aunty Sri will be so disappointed. A movie like that can’t make the difference, then GOD help some others or their so called TEAM.

  47. Kaveri says:

    Amen to that Jack!!! May this site, you, God_Shareef and all it’s amazing commentators thrive !!!

  48. God_ShaReeF says:

    Nahi chaahiye youTube ye wo…
    Then bring the moolah naa
    How people survive???
    I think we should start an open discussion for our fashScan that how can we bring money without affecting the cut to cut glamJournalism.
    My suggestion is to start with fundRaising Brunches.

    Hello you all seXy seXy page3Divas, fashionistas,
    Kindly listen and please come out with your various kind decisions so in future on a bigger canvas we can come up with an annual function but not atleast some Ghanta/Kela Awards.
    FashScan seriously talks about Fashion & Scoops from various fields related to glamour.
    In very latest Armani article can you match the commentator LoveLeen’s comment.
    How serious is the article and how genuinely commented by LoveLeen.
    Such things never happen in PAID murrgies like DT/HT.
    Their paid artistes never ever do “hard munchings” as their mouths always stuffed with junkets & party cover karrne ke liye car bhejo mode…

    Future is “e”.
    So please come and join this discussion…
    What we can do for fashScan…
    1) Twice in a week a weekly designer should come forward and should share their private pics, including with their Dolly Stars. Like i have noticed Manav GangWaani is being always surrounded with staRs. He can atleast start this…

    2) A weekly take on world fashion can be initiated let’s say with FDCI Prez as I find him quite down to earth and VERY VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE, a Cultured Cultivator.

    3) We should have a fortnightly brunch with FUNDS where people can even donate their private stuff-used or fresh for the underPriveleged. It can be anything till Pencil-SharpNers.

    4) A live net telecast of some happening party or show or event.

    5) A day with a designer at their workShop on a weekly basis.
    It can be Sketches, videos, bytes, works… any huff huff hardWork.

    This is what comes to ma mind right now.
    Kindly join the discussion please.

  49. God_ShaReeF says:

    Very sorry
    In my earlier comment the mentioned commentator is not LoveLeen but Laveena commenting in Armani post.
    And Kaveri you are an angel, i wish you same 🙂

  50. Goz Czar says:

    God Shareef **
    you know your stuff.
    I love you elaborate comments and you have sent wonderful suggestions.thanks for entertaining.

  51. God_ShaReeF says:

    Goz.Czar dear I love your OLIVE BRANCH.
    But this entertainment can go on when we seriously discuss the above issue wholeheartedly.
    According to Great Show Man of India Sh. Raj Kapoor who maintained that Show Must Go On…
    You got ma thing naa???
    People come on fashScan for entertainment but no one sees Jack’s bleeding heart.
    I don want to sound like an emotional atyaaChaari but I am sentimental about fashScan then I am, you’re, everyOne here…
    Every morning leisurely we check it not only for others khabar but certainly in our typical indian hearts we have dhak dhak with ke kahin aaj mere baare mein to kuch nahi hai naa…
    We all love fashScan and I was looking for some hardCore Churn but in vain 🙁
    Cummon guys???
    We really need funding or ads or whatEver for the ***fit*** survival of fashScan 🙂

  52. sang says:

    OMG…. if sm1 is having ny prob wid God_ShaReef’s comments then ‘get a life, man’!! His comments are hilarious. Jack moderates each and every comments so m sure all these are true, thats why they got published on the site.

    But wonder how come Riddhima’s hubby is a guy… areyy they have a daughter na… ahhh… then who knows…. these ppl are sick….

    Jack, just hope this time RK’s dad don’t send u a legal notice like last time…. m sure he’ll read each every comment here…. 😉

    and yeah… we all love FS…. 🙂

  53. God_ShaReeF says:

    I am chirping “SANG SANG SANG” on extended Olive Branch of “Goz.Czar” 🙂
    Hum, aap log bane raho fashScan par…
    Koi kuch nahi karr sakti fashScan ka.
    Surrya Devta par jal arpan karo ya patthar, dono hi iss so called RK ke sarr par…
    Baaki hope you all had fasting fun on MahaShivRaatri but just imagine, agar Surrya Devta ek din fast par chala gaye to hum logon ka kya hoga…
    Got my point naa hey you all Dangling Gaajars before the Donkey.
    Gaajar khaalo Sarrdi mein badi waali big big, acchi hoti hai naa…
    I think this lovely BomBay weather mera Gaajar ko mast karr raha hai.
    Lemme have some Halwa.
    I love you all 🙂
    Bye bye.

    Aapki/a GoD_ShaReeF
    Kya aapke andar ki God, ShaReeF hai

  54. Kaveri says:

    Two things that could be done:

    1. There are several online stores that are happy to sponsor blogs. All the blogger has to do is write about their products. If any blog readers visit these stores and make a purchase the blog will get a commission.
    And these products are all really good…dresses accessories, etc. I know of etsy.com coz it is a sponsor of one of the blogs that I frequent. Am sure that there would be many such online stores who would be happy to be associated with FashScan given its readership.

    2. There would be several designers who do not have the resources needed to have their own showns/blogs/exhibitions. These designers could be approached. For an appropriate fee, their products/designs could be displayed here in a separate section. It should be time bound so that there is variety too.

    3. High Heel Confidential does giveaways from time to time….it’s kind of an advertising….FashScan could do that too for certain select customers!!

    Just thinking out loud….

  55. Roger Clemens says:

    Jack? Shareef? Is it true? That late minister’s son is gay?

    They r very respected in their hometown!!!!!!!!!!!they r like god.

    Hard 2believe.i guess he is married.
    Any affairs with guys?who were they?or is it just a rumor?

  56. jack says:

    Thank you all who have given inputs for generating revenue.
    I am touched and hope I can keep FS Upto your expectations.

  57. God_ShaReeF says:

    Dear Kaveri my heartfelt namaste for you.
    You are not only generous but an intello one too.
    You have garnered so much respect with your conducive, fruitful thoughts…
    … Practically if some product or company or a designer is being promoted at fashScan that doesn’t mean that same set can not be discussed in the light.
    There have been major instances in the world of journalism where their parent company is under attack.
    Ofcourse there would be a very thin demarcation to set but I do believe in Jack & his manageable efficiency.
    Balancing WhistleBlowing & CensorShip is the MAGIC for Jack the MagiCian 🙂
    Kudos & Congrats.

  58. Kaveri says:

    Thanks God_Shareef!!

    Re the promoting of designers, etc…it’s not so much as promoting companies or designers…it’s more like leasing out space …..and if FashScan does it for stipulated periods then its all fair and square…no strings attached.

    Re the online shop stores…we could steer clear of the ones that could likely have heavy weight sponsors…the kinds who would likely to arm twist. i think stores like etsy, zalora are definitely worth looking at!

    If jack decides to go that route we could all pitch in with the research and come back with suitable sites:-)

    And am sure the amazing commenters wouldn’t mind visiting these online stores and purchasing the goodies!!

  59. God_ShaReeF says:

    WoW Kaveri WoW
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    i am speechLess
    Mera bolti koi sacchai se hi bandh karr sakta hai.
    Kaveri Behn tamey gajab chhey 🙂
    Maine jinn netaaon ki susu nikaali wo bhi mera zebaan bandh nahi karr sake, but
    Kaveri aapne to mere But(t) ko But karr diya…
    How reliever this to my Goz.Czar… ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 🙂
    He had problem with maa but(t) naa…
    Ye “tooh tooh” “yo yo” ka age hai ala Gori tere pyaar mein…
    NOW —>
    VERY Passionate, Sober & Sedate thought is to be given to
    Ms Kaveri, our Mentor 🙂
    Kudos to such wonderful commentators.
    I would love to follow Ms Kaveri the way Pied Piper of HamLyn being followed by rats 🙂

    Aapki/a GoD_ShaReeF

  60. ss says:

    Hey Shareef, even if you cant pay the money, atleast you can contribute by way of articles to Jack.. your name doesnt need to figure, does it?
    that way you are doing social service and justice.. and saving jack time.. and time is money

  61. God_ShaReeF says:

    Hey “SS”,
    And here…
    Sooraj ko Diya kaise dikhaayein “SS” Dear,
    Article/Post to Jack ka rock karr hi raha hai.
    We all commentators gives it different dimension, we disCuss, we justify this Blog Era. We are not limited to “Letters to Editor” mode anyMore. This way open critic and scrutiny checks the NEWS Paraphimosis.
    Have you noticed since the publishing of this 1 post we have more than 60 comments just dedicated to this post ONLY.
    Something Record Breaker surely Jack can check this accurately if i am wrong.
    How engaging, interesting and so much, like more than 60 articles. What fun!!!
    Perhaps people can be more productive, positive and appreciate the efforts of fashScan and it’s commentators.
    And same time discuss AND IMPLEMENT any good oppurtunity for the Solid Existence of fashScan.
    I will certainly do whatEver I can in my capacity but thank you thank you so much “SS” to consider me so deeply.
    Aapki/a GoD_ShaReeF.

    P.S. And “SS”, please don worry about my naming or name credit or byLine.
    I am OK like this only & surely surely will stick like a gluey ant to my BanYan tree, here which is fashScan 🙂
    AnyHow, thank you again… bye bye

  62. God_ShaReeF says:

    I know you all are dying for maah blood…
    …. hiss hiss…
    GoD_ShaReeF nahi aayega/i kisiki pakad mein…
    Jaao kaan mein dam hai to bandh karrwa lo.
    Party yunhi chaaleghi…
    Hiss hiss 🙂 🙂 🙂

  63. Renuka says:

    wow very enlightening stuff for sure. where does PC – SRK relationship stand now? What really happned between HR and Suzzy?

  64. pratiti says:

    hi, all the newspapers are alleging that ranbir-kat are getting married next year. any truth to that?

  65. Tina says:

    Hi Jack…

    Based on this news, what about the two of them (Ranbir and Katrina) being spotted yesterday at an interior designer’s office?

  66. RS says:

    Yess!!! I remember that! Your article was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the latest mainstream media news about Ranbir and Alia…they’re both calling it very new relationship! Why lie!? Anyway…great work Jack!!! Thank you

  67. Autobot says:

    It’s all PR and in God Shareef’s words: branding, promotion, values. Bira is no heera and Aalu is most chaalu. KJo jaisa PR-king saath ho toh kya ghum ho – entire south bombay and family businesses will now play along with this charade. Wait for Malvika Sanghvi to put in her plug next.

  68. Autobot says:

    It all PR and in God Shareef’s own words: brand, promotion and value. Bira is a keeda and Aaloo is maha chaaloo. Nepo king Kjo saath ho toh kya ghum ho? This charade will continue until they keep minting gold at BO. Waiting for Malvika Snaghvi to put in her plug for Aloo next.

  69. S Jayadeep says:

    Hey even I thought about your article when I read it yesterday.. great job ?? Keep up the good work and keep us posted!!

  70. Autobot says:

    Why are my comments not showing up, Jack?

  71. SS says:

    Jack! 1st hand account . I was at a place called Su Casa in Mumbai on Friday night. Spotted Arjun Rampal, Sussanne, Mehr & a bunch of about 15 ppl all sitting in the VIP area. What kind of strange lives do these folks live ?!

  72. jack says:

    SS this what I presume is supposedly ‘uber open society’…where ex and present all live in harmony…good in a way.
    Who wants bitterness when there is too much of it around???

  73. SS says:

    Oh yeah jack totally agree about the bitterness part. I do think then that the whole story about the affair etc was bogus. I have a feeling they split up about something totally different. I heard something about him losing a ton of money on gambling!

    Btw where on earth is God_shareef?!

  74. Mightyheart says:

    Are Deepika Ranveer getting married for real ?

  75. Orchidpalm says:

    Deepika and Ranveer getting married for real?

  76. nefarious says:

    Jack, they may have hooked up during 2014, but the news of them dating now seems totally bogus. Its all manufactured BS by Karan johar. Dont tell me you buy it!

  77. yakshini says:

    Ye “Bharat” dessh mein “Rabbit” ka muh mein “Poori” hai aajkal.

    Best comment ever…muh mein poori hai.

    so hes a bottom i guess

  78. NN says:

    Breakup ka zamana hai aaj kal,
    Mileh toh Ranbir ko Gori phal,
    Yaad rakh, kahenge alia ko saali Chal,
    Alia mem , photo mat kicha, jaldi socho nikalne ki hal.

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