Frenzy Over Katrina Kaif’s Bikini Pix

ranbir-kat-spainThere is so much demand for pictures of Katrina Kaif in a bikini in Ibiza, Spain with beau Ranbir Kapoor that I thought I should post them here for Kat’s crazy fans. But yes one need to thank Stardust for this candid pictures of Ranbir and Katrina holidaying in Spain.

kat-ranbir-spainKatrina in Red ChaddiAn international photographer captured these pictures and had no knowledge of who Katrina and Ranbir were. Once he discovered that the two are India’s superstars, he did a lucrative deal with Stardust magazine. But I am not so gung-ho about Katrina in her red chaddi. Wadddyyyya say???

17 Replies to “Frenzy Over Katrina Kaif’s Bikini Pix”

  1. shivani says:

    are these guys really dating???

  2. jack says:

    I doubt. I think they are F**k Buddies. RK is not in for serious stuff right now…

  3. Sang says:

    I just wish that now you bring some more news about kat and RK before anyone else… see how much your fans expect from you 😉 Or post something abt any other couple star.

  4. call_a_Spade_a_spade says:

    RK looks hotter 🙂

  5. Esoteric says:

    Then it must be Kat’s PR working overdrive. There have been recent pics of her tagging with him everywhere. Funny how Kat was first Salman’s keep now RK’s. The woman needs to get some self respect asap. Thank you so much Jack..after repeated appeals, finally something on RK-Kat:)

  6. VIP Banyan says:

    Is it true that ‘Katrina’ or should I say Kareem as he was known earlier went on hormone therapy as early as 13 and had his manhood ‘corrected’ when he was 17 itself?

  7. anyone says:


    That’s silly. Just because her where abouts happen to be with two big celebrities, and seem to be recorded doesn’t mean she has no self respect. self respect has nothing to do with this situation. Why can’t she date two famous people without being deemed someone with looser morals and no self respect? surely, you’ve dated multiple people too. That wouldn’t make you respect yourself any lesser, would it? then why make it different for her? seriously, god!

  8. Anthead says:

    She does have very broad shoulders – not very feminine. Combined with that horsey face, I honestly don’t get why she’s considered so incredibly gorgeous. By the way Jack, who does her PR? They are the most amazing talent in the business for sure.

  9. Esoteric says:

    @anyone: Well, at least its insulting to be seen around to famous ppl and deny that theres anything to it more than friends….clearly she is either not respecting our intelligence or theres no dignity to her relationship..

  10. God_ShaReeF says:

    Arre kyun bakwaas karr rahe ho tum saare log
    I know ALL you DILLI ki Kulfies
    Arre yaar
    Guys that “sissy” Bharat would be very upset.
    i mean…
    More than Kanav Puri who tried (did) “HIS BEST” “TO ROCK” “BOTH”!!!
    Samjhi naa tu
    Waise aajkal Kanav Planet Romeo par R$CK karr raha hai.
    But then Karmic Cycle goes back to Ameesha…
    Khair tu naa samjhega paagal!
    This Bharat ♥ Kanav used to R$CK together in one bathroom before the time Ridima came in to prove his masculanity.
    Ohh these Poor Indian Fellas need a Trophy Wife to prove their Little Guns 🙁
    Saale Kha$$ii MotherKhod.
    So you got the seed of the karmic cycle na.
    Bechaara Ridima & Ameesha… Poor Pu$$ies!
    Chaahe pooch le Shaleen se.
    Ameer wife AnuMaya Farms unn (KKR) Kutti Kameeni Raaton ka WITNESS hai.
    Ohhh these LoLLyPops.
    Ab to sab buddha ho gaya.
    They have USED THEIR NOSY too much naa.
    So the time has come for Ranboo also to prove his WHATEVER ala SAAWARIYA!!!

  11. jahid says:

    Wait and see how much time they r taken for give a baby in this world. WE called

    him / her spines baby. Good luck.

  12. sasha says:

    If the guy didnt know who they were why did he take their pics?
    you mean t sy he keeps taking pics of random people on the beach?

    im damn sure all this was planned.

  13. vml says:

    Jack, is it true that Kat’s PR leaked the beach photos? Her letter to the media has been proven to be an act of hypocrisy in the light of Vikram Thapa’s response to her letter. He outed her by saying that PR leaked their holiday plans.

  14. Anyone says:

    @Esoteric fair enough, what what i don’t get though is- why does she owe you or anyone else any sort of explanation of who she’s dating and who she’s just sleeping with v/s who’s actually just a friend. You don’t know her, you don’t know what she’s about truly, or anything deeper than the roles she plays on film (albeit they’re all awfully done) yet you demand her to blab every detail of her life out? I mean, i’d get it if she was a reality TV person but an actor is just as deserving as you or i to not tell anyone the truth about your dating life.

    Besides, sometimes, they just can’t. There’s a lot of reasons that come into play here that neither you nor I can relate to.

    So stop judging and coming to conclusions about people who you clearly think you have figured all out. And let the girl do what she wants.

  15. Desie says:

    She is so ordinary looking. I don’t get why she is considered pretty

  16. namdeo says:

    hi god_shareef can u send me the url to pooris profile on PR..?

  17. God_Shareef says:

    Dear NamDeo,

    Thank you for recalling such an old post and the thought but in the mean time that AmeeShhaas fuc $ er has deActivated the account in the memory of Bharat ka Sahney.
    WhatEver I did save in my gmail is now all yours as following:


    is the UserName

    is the LINK


    Kanav’s the Great’s pics at PlanetRomeo

    Aapki idhar udhar ki khujji Khoju
    God Shareef 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Kya aapke andar wali khujli mein God nikkla???

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