Kangana Ranaut Superhot in Bikini; Rakhi Sawant Super-Ugg

Kangana copyKangana Ranaut has a great body and she flaunts it well in itsy-bitsy bikinis. She did a hot lacy bikini shoot for GQ last year but this time she is looking hotter in a bikini shoot for Vogue’s June 2015 issue. The shoot is styled by Anaita Shroff Adjania and she is wearing a Dutch beachwear label – ERES. The Amsterdam based brand – ERES put it on their website – “Indian film actress and leading lady Kangana Ranaut wearing a ERES bikini top in her feature for Vogue India, June 2015…”



29rakhi-sawant-dance7Marc Jacobs aviators look cool on Kangana and I simply love her washboard ab!

The super ugly Item numberRakhi Sawant, too donned a pair of blue bikini for the shoot of song’s video. Everything about this shoot is super tacky. Rakhi in a bikini will not sell the song. No way!!!

5 Replies to “Kangana Ranaut Superhot in Bikini; Rakhi Sawant Super-Ugg”

  1. God_Shareef says:

    Ohh Mr Jack
    Why have you incorporated this ugly Sawant with Satin Ranaut???
    🙁 🙁 🙁

    Give me give me
    Aaaaa aaah aah
    More of Kangana
    yes yesSss more more

    Aapki kabhi kabhi hoshh khho dene wali
    Rakhi ki bhaundi chaddhi
    Aapki apni
    God Shareef

    Kya aapke andar ki God, QUEEN hai???

  2. rosy says:

    Jack please tell us if something did happen/still happening b/w kangs and HR or it’s just a PR strategy? PLEASE answer, thanks

  3. jack says:

    What I know is that HR is having fun with a co-star – Pooja Hegde….

  4. rosy says:

    thank you for your kind answer:)

  5. freebird says:

    according to bollywoodlife blind item, he dumped kangana and is seeing some lebanese chick. this pooja hegde think seems like a made up story.

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