Desperate B-Town Gals Strip-Down To Be In News

ameesha-patelVeenaMalikThe ‘Desperate B-Town Gals‘ have made stripping-down a ploy to stay relevant in Bollywood. You all had seen Ameesha Patel in those garters to announce the launch of her production house’s first film. She looked hideous rather than sexy. 

sherlyn-kamasutra-3dYou must have also seen Sherlyn Chopra doing the skin-show thingy for her MTV Splitsville show. But with Sherlyn showing skin is normal; seeing her clothed would be abnormal though. Here is the link to a video promo of her’s:



mallika sherawatWe also have Mallika Sherawat undressing to stay in news. Recently she posted her picture in black lacy lingerie on Twitter!

VeenaMalik01VeenaMalik02And now we have the hideous Veena Malik doing a bikini shoot!!!

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  1. God_ShaReeF says:

    Young Lu$$ies are ok if you mention Veena or Hefner’s Laado (Adorable in english) SherLyn but this Buddhi Ghodhi ala Mutton dressed like a Lamb’Patel is intolerable in your saucy snippet & ofcourse audience will bear the brunt when her film release.
    Uuuie Uuuie
    Kaho Naa Pyar Hai
    Waqt Tera Gaya
    Ab toh Hrithik bhi Female Horse with the Red Rein par kahaan sawaar hai
    Uuuie Uuuie

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