What’s Bollywood’s Style-Quotient @ Cannes 2013?

CannesFestival66Posterart590full01Sonam Kapoor_Nath UtaaroCannes 2013 is on and this year the festival will see the largest contingent from Bollywood as Cannes is celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema. Bollywood stars who have already landed at the French Riviera are Amitabh Bachchan as the 12-Day Cannes Film Festival opened with the screening of The Great Gatsby, Vidya Balan who is part of the illustrious jury, the lovely Frieda Pinto and Sonam Kapoor who is there as one of the Brand Ambassadress for L’Oreal.

vidya-balan-in-cannes1vidya-balan-cannes-2013-sabyasachi-the-great-gatsby-screening_2Cannes Film Festival is keenly watched by fashionistas to dwell over the style quotient of divas from the celluloid. Vidya Cristian Mungiu, Naomi Kawase, Christoph Waltz, Vidya Balan, Daniel Auteuil, Nicole Kidman, Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee,Lynne RamsayBalan made three appearances, all in traditional Indian wear by Sabyasachi Mukherjee – one in a maroon lehenga (I particularly loved the simple Choli bereft of any gaudy embellishment), another in a lovely ivory saree paired with a brown blouse with gold embroidery on the shoulders and a final one in a peach coloured lehenga-styled in Mughal regality for the Gatsby screening. The final look was a little OTT for me.

Amitabh Bachchanamitabh bachchan_bling_cannes 2013Big B made a couple of appearances. The sporty/safari jacket that Bachchan donned was out of place. Rest of the Gatsby team were dressed up in greys and blacks. Bachchan’s striped blue Safari jacket and white pants and shoes did not compliment his natural style. And gawd that belt at the waist was a disaster. At The Great Gatsby screening Amitabh Bachchan was again the odd one out in his shimmering BLINGY jacket. Could have gone for a Bandhgala with sober embellishment if he wanted BLING.

Sonam Kapoor_Nose Ringsonam kapoor_cannes 2013sonam_freida_cannes 2013Sonam Kapoor please apna Nath utaar do. (No pun intended! Nath Utaarna also means losing virginity, which I am sure Sonam’s done with.) Our stylish diva too opted for an off-white saree (Anamika I think) with a lattice work full-sleeve jacket for Gatsby screening but that huge nose ring was definitely an eye sore. Another appearance in a scalloped  Anamika Khanna jacket with lattice work paired over high-waist pants was chic. She was also spotted with Frieda Pinto in a black and grey ensemble was nice too but I have my reservations over wether those gold danglers went with the look.

mallika sherawat_cannes 2013Oh yes Mallika Sherawat too was there at The Great Gatsby screening in an yellowish-orange sleeveless gown. Thank god there wasn’t any slits or sheerness or cleavage revealing elements in her ensemble.

8 Replies to “What’s Bollywood’s Style-Quotient @ Cannes 2013?”

  1. jg says:

    so boring and so tiring.same designer,same cut,same look,same embroideries..same..same…seriously ladies its enough.

  2. Maakee says:

    It’s VIDYA BALAN >>> not DIVYA BALAN …also if doesn’t matter “whether” you like it or not, but soman looked decent

  3. sg says:

    I cant understand why Bollywood dresses like that in Cannes.. Every year they look like the national costume round in a Miss World contest.. I know India has a rich culture but honestly why cant they wear something western.. what was Vidya Balan thinking when she wore the dupatta over her head?? She looked like she was going to her in-laws place.. & Amitabh with that bling & Sonam with that nose ring looked gawdy..I dont see anyone from other countries wearing their national costumes.. I wonder how many people at Cannes will be inwardly laughing at the Bollywood crowd.. At least Aishwarya & Mallika or atleast their stylists realised soon enough & started dressing more appropriately..

  4. aria says:

    Baaring the dupatta that Vidya wore, I think she was dressed as her self. Everyone seems to have a view about whose wearing what and how they are competing with others. Kudos to Vidya for not falling prey to vanity and sticking to her personal style. I may not like to drape a dupatta on my head like she did, but I am glad she’s choosing her own statement rather than blindly following a trend and expectation

  5. Sang says:

    Sonam looks decent with that nose ring… Loved the look!!

  6. jack says:

    Nath Nahin Utaroon???

  7. g says:

    vidya with the ghoonghat!!!!. what are we trying to convey??

  8. g says:

    i so so agree with sg!!

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