Throw The ‘Platforms’ & Stick To The ‘Pumps’

arty-shoes_Mondrian platform-sandal_UggThere couldn’t be anything more offensive in fashion than the return of the ‘Platform Sandals’. Ladies are they really in vogue??? If my knowledge of fashion history is right I think it was the 70s – the era of bell-bottoms and floral prints – when the really weird platform shoes were the in-thing. Apparently they’ve been back for a while but seriously I can’t deal with it anymore.

platform-UggThe whole point of wearing high heels is to make your legs look long and slender, and platforms do no such thing. In fact they make your legs look weird and stumpy. Platforms definitely must be more comfy than stilettos or pumps but ladies they really look super Ugg.

arty-shoesNow look at these sexy pumps hand-painted by British artist Boyarde Messenger. He takes his cues from classic fine art paintings. These Arty Shoes are perfect for girls who know their Van Gogh’s from their Piet Mondrian’s and like to take art appreciation on their stride.

arty-shoesarty-shoesThe unique arty heels are a Charlotte Olympia design called ‘Dolly’. Olympia enlisted the talents of Boyarde Messenger to create these special edition for Neiman Marcus and Art Basel Miami. The shoes feature extracts from paintings by Jackson Pollock, Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian and pop art legend Roy Lichtenstein.

2 Replies to “Throw The ‘Platforms’ & Stick To The ‘Pumps’”

  1. JusSayin' says:

    U know. I used to be all into wearing the heels… until they threw my back out! It took me 2 years of physio to get over how much I had ruined my posture and I wasn’t even wearing them that often. Celeb fashionistas Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham are a heel abuse victim as well (although SJP blames her problems on wearing cheap shoes LOL!). Priyanka Chopra is noticeably developing some serious bunions. So c’mon ladies. Let’s stop romanticizing the beauty of heels and start learning to walk tall in our flats. And every pair of heels should come with a warning – bunions are very bad for your health (not to mention extraordinarily painful to live with).

  2. Dexter says:

    But the right platforms can look sexier than a pair of pumps. Also they’re very comfortable. But yea…those are real ugly ones!

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