TOP MILFs of Delhi and Mumbai

Hi folks, I am getting a lot of request to do this piece on TOP MILFs of Delhi and Mumbai so I am trying to live-up to their requests and in turn requesting you to send in your most valuable suggestions. I ensure absolute confidentiality as always.

Oh… I guess you know what a MILF is? Well for the uninitiated, MILF is the acronym for Mommies I Would Love to Flirt (Those dirty minds who think ‘F’ is the four-letter dirty word, get lost!)Regular Mommies, Single Mommies, Separated Mommies, Divorced Mommies – any desirable woman who is a Mother qualifies for the MILF category. So my dear readers please load me with your valuable suggestions of TOP MILFs of Delhi and Mumbai so that I can tabulate the TOP TEN MILFs. I wish to bring this out on the 1st of April and no it is not a ‘Fool’s Day’ joke. We have many beautiful, sexy, savvy and gorgeous Mommies in the Capital City and the B-Town so why not find out the Top Ten ‘Mommies I would Love to Flirt’???

13 Replies to “TOP MILFs of Delhi and Mumbai”

  1. Woo Cares? says:

    Mahima Chaudhary
    Aditi Govitrikar

  2. raj says:

    ayesha thapar

  3. jack says:

    Raj I doubt Ayesha is a Mommy. Will verify though…

  4. rahul says:

    I am 27 and i love MILF’s.

  5. rohit says:

    anju taraporewala

  6. Tom says:

    Anu Dewan
    Gauri Khan
    Malaika Arora Khan

  7. siddharth says:

    Kiran Juneja

    Anju Mahendru

    Queenie Dhody

  8. vish says:

    ayesha is not a mommy ok…….but she is a mother with her caring attitude her dedication to her job and her loving family and friends so verify ur facts ok what about tanisha mohan shes a mother no one likes wants to be with wants to have anyting to do with yet shes out there what the hell please tell that to everyone ok

  9. jamshed says:

    What about the Delhi Mother who gets fu**ed a lot!!
    Feroze Guj!

  10. Stalker says:

    In no particular order

    Queenie Dhody
    Madhuri Dixit
    Twinkle Khanna
    Gauri Khan

  11. Abi says:

    I want a relationship with any housewife or any milf,in delhi

  12. Asgar says:

    Shilpa Kundra

  13. hardik says:

    feroze gujral was banging karan singh

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