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Reputed film-critic Rajeev Masand has started a concept called ‘Blind Item’ in his weekly column in the Open Magazine. Internationally Tabloids and Bloggers have been dishing out ‘Blind-Items’ to reveal ugly underbelly of the celebrities. The ‘Blind Item’ is basically a scandalous or a gossipy piece on a Bollywood personality where Masand refrains from taking the name of the person on whom the piece is but provides good enough hints to the readers to decipher who he/she is. Mumbai Daily – DNA too has taken to this fad and publishes a scandalous piece but without taking names. But we at do not believe in ‘Blind Items’. We go all the way!

Bollywood Basket, a spicy Blog on B-Town has taken to ‘Blind Item Mania’ and published this piece, which even a blind can say is on Preity Zinta.

Here is the linkhttp://bollywoodbasket.blogspot.in/2012/03/blind-item-mania.html#more

(Verbatim of Bollywood Basket Post)

Blind item mania!

 The train wreck.

This once A-lister female actress who has been out of work for a couple of years after a failed serious relationship with an illustrious member of Bombay’s financial fraternity, has taken very seriously to drugs. Once a household name for her ferocious independence and vivacious image, she is very quickly and steadily descending into the “forgotten” category.

The story goes that her come-back vehicle, a cheesy romance film, which she is producing herself, being shot in Europe, with a new model turned actor for the hero, has been running into major production trouble.

70% of the crew has quit in the very first schedule and are known to have been demanding to be flown back to India due to the lack of organization, a number of heads of production fired – there is nobody to take the blame, because apparently madam producer has frequent foul mood swings and is constantly taking short breaks to run to the bathroom or to her trailer (sniff, sniff), and appears soon after as a completely different person, but there is no real brain coordinating the production of the film. The crew that has quit has been receiving calls from the hapless director and the lead actor of the film, almost begging them to return to salvage whatever little they can from the situation.

It is to be believed that in the rushes of the film the actress is looking almost 10 years older than her real age and the script doesn’t seem to be holding itself together, all combined with this new model /actor opposite her gives out the aura of a premature mid life crisis that the actress maybe going through.

Sources from an international film that the actress was a part of a few years ago, suggest that she was pulled up for her constant sniffing by the director (she would appear with white powder trickling from her nose) – she was immediately barred from all narcotic activities on set. The film however, was a flop, adding another feather to the actress’ dwindling career.

Other industry sources claim that she comes from a group of elite socialites, that include other A-list actors , that are known for having wild parties with generous supplies of good quality drugs at the venues which are usually the bungalows or homes of these people, some even suggest that her ex-boyfriend used to be the one supplying (due to political & business connections at high places) to the elite coke-heads of Bombay.

This a small insight to the otherwise dark, drug-laden, insecure place that the Bombay film industry stands for, it is too well decorated for anyone to see the real dramas of the existences of so called super stars in this day and age.


9 Replies to “A Must-Read for PZ Fans & Sympathisers”

  1. Anthead says:

    To give credit where credit is due, this blind item was taken by BB (and I think she accidentally missed attributing it) from the Moifightclub blog. Here’s the original piece:

    By the way, what’s with repeating posts from other blogs Jack? Haven’t had some original dope from you in a while. Even something about your old favourite Tashu would be fun 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Yap! Agree with you that this is must read for PZ fans. I just found here few crucial points surprisingly and I could never think that I can find those things here. Thanks!

  3. rohan says:

    very shocking story i must say–no doubt majority of the bollywood actresses r big time sluts and one can sleep with these so call heroines for few lakhs

  4. jack says:

    Anthead don’t worry…coming soon!

  5. vish says:

    bravo…..u have no idea how bad priety or preeti or petty zinta is she was is a user slut slash coke head and then blaming it on poor ness…..we all are responsible for our own actions and yes im suffering mine…lol the first step to recovery is recognizing the problem…..ergo, i am trying to change but petty goddamm zinta issssssssss a f…ing user, maybe ness used her for her fame at one time but he has far more class and family background then she can ever dream off…..i remember in the IPLs how she used to shout at everyone for not helping her with the police situation….helllooooo i was there i come from that backgroud no one can win from ones shrink, ones parents and mostly from cops bad or good……my father showed me that……coz he was a goooood cop and a baaaad cop oops !!!! he would evven not spare me if i drove without a licence…..lol my mom doesnt spare me if i walk out in bad clothes….as in revealing so its all to protect us….and yes jack good article once again…..

  6. Indian says:

    Feel so bad for her..she was my neighbor in Noida..Very cute bubbly girl.

  7. kiran says:

    preity should have never been friends with that ugly c***head-sussane. im sure that loser b is respon. for pz’s failure.that fugly suzzane herslef is loser,low class,and shamlessly talking about her ugly habits n bitching about hrithik’s life with rajeev, while she herself is gardner f*****g p**s.this bitch is just so wasted,she just blames on hrithik out of her frustrations,lost life,jelousy fr her much much bigger,more successful and of course much much more better looking husband.

  8. Sang says:

    I really really mis Bollywoodbasket blog… Jack pls write more on Bollywood ……..

  9. Opal says:

    Pls tell us the full story on Hrithik Suzanne split. Thanks.

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