Is This A ‘Preity’ New Aasana?

Preity Zinta_Knicker Flash

Preity Zinta_Knicker Flash

Bewildered by this photograph of Preity Zinta sitting on a platform kinda thing next to Twinkle Khanna. The photograph looks like one from those multitude Mumbai fashion shows where Bollywood stars walk the ramp. It must be a real candid shot of Zinta probably taken during reahearsals or must be some new Yoga Aasan that keep her legs in shape.

Wonder why Farah Khan and Reitesh Deshmukh are pushed back to the not-so-VIP second row.

10 Replies to “Is This A ‘Preity’ New Aasana?”

  1. Jasmeen G Dugal says:

    seems more like a desperate ploy for attention!!o boy!!

  2. SG says:

    Who is Preity Zinta’s boyfriend nowadays? She definitely has one…

  3. tim says:

    That’s twinkle khanna or neeta lulla ?? Anyways that’s a very odd pose of preity n someone clicked it n she is least bothered

  4. buttercup says:

    Yikes.. That’s a bad pose..

  5. zippy says:

    Preity’s sitting like she’s on the beach. Gives two hoots i suppose.

  6. sunny boy says:

    its an old pic.. going by all of their hairstyles and colors

  7. tara says:

    So preity is dating a guy from LA and ness has beeing seeing an italian girl called hanna his sister in law’s friend- they are very serious and will probably get married according to sources close to him.

  8. John says:

    todays newspapers (mumbai mirror) say ness is dating a sultry model-turned actress who broke off her engagement with her long-term beau a few months ago….

    who is this actress ?

    Lisa Hayden ?

    i am confused !!

  9. Pegandahat says:

    Oh need to know what broiling with preity and ness molestation case. Please jack, give us the scoop

  10. Dutch says:

    This picture is definitely photoshopped. It doesn´t make sense there is a platform and at the same time the chairs are there. The original picture must be somewhere on the internet.

    Preity Zinta has lost her mind though. She seems so toxic and now it´s for everyone to see. She never got over Ness it seems, because she brings him up whenever she can. And now in the worst way! This is going to be her downfall, because you can´t mess with old money.

    She really lost her meal ticket and she knows it. One moment you´re dressed in the finest couture in Cannes and the next moment you´re back to reality, barely scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Jack, do you know if she owns anything in that cricket team or is it just for show? Does she have any money left?

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