What Is The Future of Kings XI Punjab Team NOW?

Kings_XI_Punjab_logo.svgSo what happens to the Indian Premier League (IPL) teamKings XI Punjab post the Zinta – Ness fracas? After all the drama it is unlikely that Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia can carry on as co-owners of the team along with Mohit Burman. One of them has to buy out the other’s stake. Conspiracy Theorists say that the whole fracas is aimed at one designing to sell-out at a premium because of financial crunch.


Anyway, personally feel that the complaint filed by Priety Zinta against Ness Wadia shouldn’t have had Section 354 applied  on it. As per Preity’s side of the story it was more of threats, abusive language and criminal intimidation. Was is molestation? 30th May, the day the said incident happened was Ness Wadia’s birthday and whatever little CCTV footage shown on TV clearly show Ms. Zinta is hogging the first-row in the Garware Box while Wadia family who have bigger stake in the IPL team stuck to the last row. Zinta could had been graceful and accommodate co-owner’s family. Still it doesn’t justify the behavior that Preity alleged against Ness. Whatever little I have known Ness Wadia, he comes across as a gentleman but then don’t know much about how ex boyfriend-girlfriend behave.

Mohit Burman_Preity Zinta_Ness Wadia

Mohit Burman_Preity Zinta_Ness Wadia

One thing I find fishy. Why Preity Zinta have to fly out to Los Angeles within 48-hours of her filing the complaint? It is not that she is making any movie and she had committed dates to the producer. In fact sources say that her boyfriend is in LA.

By the way, (again as per reliable sources), Ness Wadia is to be engaged soon to an Italian former model Hanna. This news was doing the rounds and Ness and Hanna were seen together. Did it irk Ms. Zinta? Anyway now since there is no CCTV footage with police, they have to rely upon eye-witnesses and I was surprised when Preity Zinta’s most strongest supporter, Salman Khan absolutely dodged the question and did not take sides. In fact Bollywood is diplomatic and carry the opinion that the issues should have bee sorted internally.

Anyway Kings XI Punjab’s future is daisy. Does Preity Zinta have the moolah to buy out Ness Wadia’s stake? Even if she has or gets some financer, will Wadia sell his stake because now it will be an ego issue too. Wadddyyyaaa Say???


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  1. Pegandahat says:

    I absolutely believe there could be some spat between the two but moleststion,abuse is a little too much. My feeling is this is not good for preity. Saif Ali khan gave a statement today saying Ness is a gentleman.

  2. tara says:

    If you read yday’s paper- mohit burman only has 11% stake in team and 23% is with shagun khanna wife of arvind- so she is the major holder like preity,ness are.
    And wasnt ness also seeing lisa haydon? Which is why she broke off her engagement.

  3. etios says:

    The whole situation is crystal clear, zinta is facing cash crunch due to no projects since long time and she lost loads of money in producing her last film which nobody was ready to distribute and later flopped big time, she desperately needs to sell her minority stake in kings xi Punjab at a premium price.

    This is an excellent move which kills three birds from a single stone, she can try and sell her stake at good price, get revenge on her ex boyfriend and spoil his name so that Ness suffers in his current relationship too. Lets see how successful Zinta will be in this endeavour 🙂

  4. Hegde says:

    Why would the fact that Ness has a GF irk Priety? She has a BF too right? In the same line of logic, there’s also a possibility that the existence of Priety’s BF could have irked Ness enough to act inappropriately. Also that she went to LA seems irrelevant. Sure her trip was planned well in advance. In any case it does take time to mentally process such incidents before you take a legal step. Also the fact that SK did not spell out support does not take away from the incident. It’s natural that the superstar who’s got a reputation of abusive behavior will not open a can of worms while taking sides. You seem to be taking sides. Disappointing.

  5. Unfair says:

    Sorry Jack, but can’t agree with you on this one. Ness does have a history of prior abuse, and it was in the news too.

    As for your questions. If I were in Preity’s place I would want to get away from any ensuring backlash after filing a harassment report and go to a safe haven too. Wadias do have powerful connections. Also, given how bad the relationship between the Wadias and Preity is, expecting her to be graceful to them, is just not logical. Maybe, she was keeping as much distance as possible, in the most visible way.

    BTW I have got to say this. There are many actors who are coke heads, adulterers, cheats, and manipulators. Some are even murderers. But somehow, Preity is shown the most in negative light. It reminds me of how Sunanda Pushkar was hounded by the Media, especially, TOI. Totally unfair.

    It’s bad enough that these things are so prevalent in India. Do we really need to jump to conclusions, and cast aspersions like this? This would only scare abused women against fighting for justice. If we, as educated and discerning citizens cannot show the gravitas this situation demands, who else will?

  6. suzywangdo says:

    Wadia should have sold his share as soon as they broke off. What is the big deal if Wadia famiy sits in a row behind PZ’s famiy? They came first and they took their seats. a these rich kids have snobbery issues. All the monies but no class.

  7. Nope says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t agree with you this time. Ness is very suave indeed but that doesn’t mean he can’t do something like this. Everybody knows he has always treated preity badly, even while they were dating, so I’m not surprised.

  8. sang says:

    It takes guts to file a report against a person who comes from a powerful family. It is very easy to judge others. May be Preity Zinta facing financial crush or may be not; but is this the criteria to judge a woman ?? Read her lawyer’s statement – she has NOT filed for “molestation” but for abusing her in public & making her feel ashamed.

  9. travelatease says:

    Heard that the son of a “legendary cricketer” is a witness in the case.. Any idea who it could be??

  10. Ishmi says:

    Your article reminds me today of Mark Antony’s speech in shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar (Act III, Scene II, Line 79) except that Brutus was not an honorable man and Preity here is. She is alleged to be the aggrieved party. Do you think a woman, no matter what time and age she is living in, is stupid enough to open up her personal life to close scrutiny unless something came to a point to no return? And why are we hanging on to what saif khan says? Saif Khan will testify to his now hopefully ex brother in law’s gentlemanliness but you know better than me what kind of thorough gentleman they both are.

    When you say that Preity lack of grace in vacating seats doesnt justify Ness’s behavior, it rings very hollow. You are in the same breath condemning the victim while making no benefit for the victimiser. By writing this post, you have fallen in my eyes. You make tall claims about exposing the goings on in the fashion industry. Now you have only proved that you are one amongst them in their sorry facades. And yes, I do hope Ness is taught a lesson and so is his zebra like mum.

  11. archana says:

    I remember seeing Arjun Tendulkar in the stand behind Preity Zinta .

  12. Satish says:

    No fair Jack-da. Love you but this post reeks of the misogyny prevalent in our society. Let’s gang up and vilify a woman who may or may not have made kosher choices on previous occasions. Meanwhile the likes of the Wadia kid get a free pass ( as does Shahrukh Khan) on this site. Now would be a good time to reiterate that we aren’t as medieval and corrupt as the rest of the world makes us out to be. That every woman’s voice is heard–regardless of how she has conducted herself in the past. C’mon dada, walk the talk, would ya?

  13. Lovely says:

    You know what, regardless of whatever the dysfunctional backstory is here – if he did what he did, then he should not be allowed to get away with it. This behavior is nothing but bullying, intimidation and harassment. It is sexist and classist. This guy probably feels like he can get away with practically anything because he hails from a wealthy and powerful family – and in Indian culture sadly its not a big deal for a woman to be disrespected and humiliated in the way that she has described in her FIR. We live in a society that prefers to look away when we see injustices happening around us, rather than be willing to take them on. Look at the cowardly way her powerful Bollywood contemporaries have reacted when asked to comment on the issue. Its disappointing all round.

  14. sang says:

    I agree with Ishmi. by writing this post seems the FS standards have fallen. sorry Jack but not agree with you this time. 1st u wrote that Assan post and when u get comments like looked pics morphed; u didnt published. Sad.

  15. Mark says:

    i hope this fight continues and they do not go for out of court settlement….i want some ENTERTAINMENT !!

  16. Fully Faltoo says:

    @ ishmi
    how is ness wadia SAK’s ex brother in law?

  17. Interesting says:

    I didn’t know public harassment was entertaining to some…to each his own I guess.

  18. yp780201 says:

    Hi Jack, Didn’t expect this from you. Why should the onus of showing grace fall on Ms Zinta. Ness could have also shown grace. Why did the likes of him think that the world owes them a favour because they have more money. Wish money could buy them class as well. This case should be judged on its merit and not on their prior relationship or history or behaviour.

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