Indian Fashion Fraternity’s one popular couple have split. It’s nothing to cheer about but a li’l birdie told me that it was an IPL Cheerleader who precipitated the split of an already troubled relation. And I thought ‘Cheerleaders’ are suppose to ‘cheer-up’ people but here the IPL Cheerleaders are causing lot of heartburn.

Ravi Krishnan, the head of IMG, India and a popular face in the fashion circuit, especially at Lakme Fashion Week and also at IPL – with the Rajasthan Royal Team has separated from his wife, Bandana Tewari. Bandana is the Fashion Editor of Vogue, India and a highly visible face at Indian Fashion events. The couple have a little daughter.

My reliable sources say that he split was triggered when Bandana found Ravi ‘enjoying’ the company of an expat Cheerleader. As I said earlier, the news is nothing to cheer about and i hope the couple sort things out.

9 Replies to “Splitsville…”

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  2. Anthead says:

    I like Bandana – she seems to have a brain, unlike the scores of dim bimbos who populate the fashion scene here. Too bad there’s a kid involved in this mess. Sometimes men start believing their own hype.

  3. Anon says:

    must be something special about the cheerleader, cos he’s been cheating on her for years…

  4. Anon says:

    You’ve got to be kidding about showing any sympathy here. Bandana is known to be the biggest bitch in the fashion industry and a complete social climber. She makes friends with the ‘cool’ set in exchange for promising them space in her magazine. She has no loyalties and is drugged most of the time. So what would Ravi, a philanderer and asshole of a different level do with her.
    I think actually it is sad that two such terrible people who totally deserve each other have split. they dont deserve any better than themselves so pls dont waste your time and space on these two climbers and fickle people.

  5. haley says:

    Bandana Tiwari has such a big forehead. Who wouldn’t cheat if they had to wake up to that forehead everyday! Lols

  6. mike1 says:

    Bandana and ravi were made for each other ..arrogant servant meets .. freakshow slut who was fucked by delhi in the early ninties … just feel bad for the child they have …

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ravi needs to be reexported right back to where is ghastly accent comes from.
    As for bandana let her be in her own world – she’s a coked out cow anyway.

  8. SHAYNE says:

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  9. Charlyn says:

    Keep that way. I will lately back for more.

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