New Guy in Priya Chatwal’s life – Bobby Deol

Oh, I am tired of Priya Sachdev Chatwal’s linkups with guys. It’s like every spring/summer and fall/winter Priya Sachdev is hooking up with a new guy and this time it’s the much-married Deol Puttar – Bobby Deol. They got close when Bobby walked the ramp for Priya’s Kitsch show.

Just last month Priya Sachdev Chatwal walked in with Sanjay Kapur (Karisma Kapoor’s hubby) at a party and there was a public spat between Sanjay and his sister Mandira Koirala, who allegedly called Priya, ‘B****’. And it’s always the married ones who are looking for love outside marriage. Ravi Krishnan and Bandana Tewari are the latest victims of this.

People say that things between Bobby and Tanya Deol have been rocky for quiet some time. And things between Priya Sachdev and Vikram Chatwal have been messy since the day they got married. Why couldn’t they just accept that things ain’t working out and go their separate ways???

Priya Sachdev has always been glamour-struck and secretly harboured Bollywood ambitions. Chalo at least by getting hooked up with a Bollywood actor who never really made it big, her Bollywood aspirations would get satiated. So are Bobby Deol and Priya Sachdev having an affair? If my reliable sources are to be believed, the answer is a BIG YES. But am sure Bobby Deol and Priya Sachdev will come with denials after denials.

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  1. gossipgirl says:

    Thanks for the update Jack.
    Any update on Akshay and his girl chasing. Heard he is back to his old ways.

  2. mentos says:

    priya chatwal u sure?
    according to massand he is going around with a lady who has a teenaged daughter
    ….kalyani chawla…maybe….

  3. GG says:

    i don’t understand what is so appealing about her. She looks weird to me.
    not pretty at all. There must be something more to it than meets the eye.
    Maybe Bobby deol was ready to have an affair with anyone who would give him any sort of attention. I mean career wise he was over long back. Maybe this is an ego boost for him.

  4. Anthead says:

    Jack, Rajeev Masand, who also wrote about this, clearly said that the woman Bobby is having an affair with has a teenage daughter. So then, is it really Priya or is it someone else?

  5. Tanya says:

    Acc to Masand, the mistress has a teen daughter.

  6. VK says:

    DNA, Mumbai copied your news today! They haven’t named him and her, but have published it as a quiz!

  7. jack says:

    The Big Media Houses are Theives! Shameless, uninformed, dumb and desk-top-journos work in these plagiarism plagued publications.
    I unfortunately do not have the legal resources to drag the Goels to court but then they never had any ethics in business. Rice sellers suddenly became huge corporate entity and if you dig their past, dirt spills out.
    Thanks VK that you brought this out to my notice. It’s readers like you whom I salute, Cheers dude!

  8. thank you.i love bobby deol

  9. raghu says:

    fake news bobby is just for his wife…………. crazy news !!!!!
    just overlook it …. not true bec bobby is a honest guy >>> simply clear.. this is rubbish written about him

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