Puneet Nanda wants to quit Satya Paul as the Creative Director

As per highly reliable sources, Puneet Nanda who took over the reins of designing for Satya Paul collection after the octogenarian designer Satya Paul retired, wants to quit as the Creative Director of Staya Paul.

Satya Paul was acquired by Genesis Colors and Puneet Nanda was the chief designer of all Satya Paul collections. Satya Paul’s famous printed saris, neckties, scarves and designer Indian wear are not only selling well in metros and A Cities but also does well in B Cities of India, Satya Paul is truly a success story of an indigenous fashion brand.

My source also tells me that Sanjay Kapoor of Genesis Colors is not keen in letting Puneet Nanda go but Puneet on the other hand is rather determined. Genesis has to scout for a new designer to carry on the Satya Paul legacy and few names are doing the rounds. Will keep you posted on it.

20 Replies to “Puneet Nanda wants to quit Satya Paul as the Creative Director”

  1. incognito says:

    really?? now i regret skipping the show tonight, it could be the last for Puneet:-( he would be missed, very sweet and grounded

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  3. salman says:

    my sources tell me that sanjay did not want puneet to stay as he felt that he was losing his touch. puneet is a class A act all the way and I wish him the best going forward.

  4. Sachin says:

    he was a god of prints and colors,but where ever he will go,his magic would remain the same.we will really miss him coz,the ideas that he has given to the industry were outstanding,like who can think of the ART OF TAROT,POP ART,CHOLA BRONZE ETC.We will miss him.

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