Lutyen’s Affair – ‘Blooming Romance’

Affairs of Lutyen’s Delhi interests many. It also irks the volatile Editor-in-Chief of an English News Channel. But I am talking about likely romance blooming between a Lutyen’s lady and a NRI globetrotter. Savitri Singh of the DLF Group who handles the Lodhi Hotel and DLF Emporio and much more is dating the globetrotting ex-model […]


Suzanne Khan’s Denial Doesn’t Cut Ice With Mehr Rampal

The passionate and sugar-coated denial that Suzanne Khan sent out to media post Bombay Times came out with a fresh story of Arjun Rampal and Suzanne’s romantic link-up is not bought by anybody, definitely not by Mehr Rampal.  Mehr Rampal’s decades old friend, Alison Kanuga is privy to Arjun Rampal and Suzanne Roshan’s romantic affair […]

Has Guneeta Sodhi finally found a soul-mate in Rishi Sethia?

Guneeta Sodhi, a true-blue Delhi socialite has been single ever since her divorce with Sameer Thukral. There has been not many rumours about her link-ups too. But yes, I heard about a ‘Sona Munda’ being besotted by Guneeta’s charm. But now it seems Guneeta has found her man and that too in London, the city […]

Has Priya Sachdev got a new man in her life?

Though Priya Sachdev Chatwal maintains her married status with Vikram Chatwal, hardlt anybody believes her. She has been linked with Sunjay Kapur, which fired the buzz about Sunjay – Karishma divorce and also with certain Mr. ‘G’. Surprising that Priya Sachdev always makes to the list of ‘Eligible dames’ even when she claims to be […]