Will Footsie replace Muah Muah?

Folks in these sombre times I felt like talking about some light-hearted goss and the future of ‘muah muah’ soiree. Believe you me, you may love the society soiree(s), you may hate them but you just can’t ignore them. I am not trying to be a social zeitgeist but just wondering how would those dramatic entries and greetings now be at the ‘happening parties’ in these CORONA times. ‘Social Distancing’, which is now one metre won’t even allow those stylish air-kisses, forget the peck on the cheek. The warm embrace is a crime now. So will the lovely lunching-ladies and party-hard gents do the foot-shake now or play footsie? You need long legs to do the shake and footsie will make eyes pop-out.

The Capital’s partying ways are damned for now, at least till the vaccine comes out and a party with no gate-crashers where max you can have are 50 people isn’t fun.

Since I got talking about Delhi’s muah-muah crowd, thought will share news about the new relationship. Isha (Rajpal) separated from Rahul Rajpal and has moved-in with once married but now single, Sandeep Jajodia at his Shantiniketan house. Well whenever they want to formalise their relationship it has to be a small affair.

Isha, the girl from Lucknow is very outgoing social gal while estranged hubby, Rahul Rajpal seemed just the opposite, the quiet kind. Sandeep Jajodia has lost both his businesses. Monnet Ispat and Monnet Power went bankrupt and the huge bank loans were salvaged from becoming NPA by his ex-wife’s family Sajjan Jindal and Gautam Adani. Lucky man! He became the President of Indian Boxing Association but lost that too for some scam to Chautala. But Mr. Jajodia has plenty to lead a good life and Isha and Sandeep might make a great pair.

3 Replies to “Will Footsie replace Muah Muah?”

  1. shreywrey says:

    Finally some Delhi goss!

  2. Lisa says:

    Hey Jack, please can you shed some light on Sushant Singh’s case

  3. Jam tin says:

    Yes Jack! Tell us about the Sushant case. Your info will be accurate.

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