Delhi’s NEW Instagram Socialites

All hail the INSTAGRAM as it hands the supreme power to the fashionistas and the ‘lunching ladies’ to catalogue their new ‘conquests’, the new addition to their ever fattening wardrobe (By the way, have you heard of “Wardrobe Detox”?), the ‘IT’ restaurants they’ve been to, the exotic locales they’ve just been back from and yes, the who’s-who they partied with. Instagram is to the ladies what Twitter’s is to Donald Trump, the President of the United States!

Prashita Choudhary, Rachna Singh and Isha Rajpal are omnipresent in their latest designerwears. Prashita keeps busy with her movie business and also finds time to let her hair down. Rachna Singh and Bobby Singh party a lot and are famous for being friends with few politicians and a Damaadji. Rachna wear’s fine designer threads but also buys gaudy Anjalee-Arjun Kapoor creations. Wonder why? Vikas Malu’s taste? The Singh’s have a close friend in Vikas Malu of Kuber Group,one the leaders in tobacco products. Gemini_girl, you’ve got competition. Isha Rajpal I have known for years. She is a self-proclaimed couturier and all these ladies lap-up her OTT ‘Gangwani-like’ creations.

Rachna, Prashita and Isha hobnobbed in London and then in Dubai this summer. Did you girls pick-up those expensive Aquazzura heels in London? I read somewhere that Sheetal managed to sell off 200 plus pairs during the lunch soiree she hosted. And buyers were mostly Desis!


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