Choicest ‘Havens’ for Exodus by Desi Millionaires

We all know that India is only behibd China and Russia from where the Millionaires are making an exodus to other countries to avoid harassment (as they call it) by the Agencies. Since 2014 over 25 Million superwealthy Indians have moved out of their homeland – Bharat Mata to live a life of kings.

Earlier Desi Millionaires’ foremost choice of emigration was to the United Kingdom, closely followed by the United Arab Emirates. But then came the extradition procedure of Vijay Mallya and successful extradition of Christian Michael and Rajeev Saxena from Dubai. ‘Doval Doctrine’ disturbed these posh havens for rich Indiand who moved out of India because of pending cases or in apprehension of ED knocking on their doors.

The fear of the monster – the Agencies still prevail and exodus is on incessantly. Millionaire after Desi Millionaire are moving base every day but the choicest destinations are no more London or Dubai. The havens in flavour these days are Macau, Seychelles, Macedonia and few African countries. Geo-political dimensions make these places safe for rich-runners. Macau in fact is the most-in-demand destination as it offers uber luxury ambience and the safety of the Chinese government. Sahara Parivaar’s most members are in Macedonia, C Sivasankaran of Aircel-Maxis fame relocated from Singapore to Seychelles to Macau as he owes huge sums to banks. Azerbaijan is also a nice and safe place with fancy hotels, cars and nice escort services. In Baku you will find many Desis. IL&FS guys were going there when picked-up.

What is net result of all this? No growth, no jobs, no private investment and no recovery. Fear psychosis or tax-terrorism is a peril that India is sunk into.

7 Replies to “Choicest ‘Havens’ for Exodus by Desi Millionaires”

  1. irene says:

    welcome back !!!

  2. Philip says:

    Finally someone had the balls to say as the things they are currently. The economy is in a deep black hole and the people are happy with the communal politics. Wait till all the money flies out and the companies start shutting down will these clowns realise the deep shit they are in.

  3. Gopal says:

    Valid point but I doubt there were 25 million super rich in India to start with.

  4. Arman says:

    Good to have u back.. always get the real inside story from your page.

  5. darth says:

    So much bullshit to support your backers Jack. Its laughable really. Macau, Macedonia, Azerbaijan and the random African nations are not worth living in more than a few days…1 month and the mind will go berserk. What a sad, sad life. They are in the wonderful company of the likes of the former starlet, now druglord moll Mamta Kulkarni . Good riddance!

    As for you, please do tell the names of those who fled and the number of jobs they created? None of these escapees are worth anything, everyone one of them is a carpetbagger. Let me start it for you – Vijay Mallya, destroyed thousands of jobs and families with his mishandling of Kingfisher airlines. Who else?

  6. jack says:

    @darth I HAVE NO BACKERS!
    At least my bullshit gave you a good laugh.
    Who am I to name names and where is any whistleblower protection?
    Anyway pardon my bullshit. Cheers

  7. darth says:

    Okay, I will take your word for it that you have no backers, and accept that you can’t name names without potentially getting into trouble. But really, ‘high life’ in Macau, Macedonia, Azerbaijan and the random African nations? Isn’t that just a few $$$ added to the wannabe, nouveau riche, ‘high life’ lifestyle in small town, India? (no offence to its citizens). Better (PLASTIC) Escorts, better (MIND NUMBING) Narcotics, and better (TACKY) Decor. But better life? hardly. Grasping for respectability, and dying under the weight of their own low self-esteem and emptiness.

    Rather the ones from small town are probably having more fun, and are not as bored/fucked out of their minds. I don’t see anything worthy of envy here, rather a pathetic life.

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