News of TATA NANO @ LENO’s Garage Goes VIRAL

Hope it is okay with you folks if once in a while indulges in little self-praise? was the FIRST  to break the news ‘Globally’ on the 14th of May (Here is the link: the famous funny-man, Jay Leno who is also an automaniac got a TATA NANO in his enviable Big Dog Garage. Since then the news has gone viral not only on Digital Media through On-Line sites, Twitter and Facebook but also has been widely reported by print-media in India and Abroad.

Thank you India Today Group to give the due acknowledgement in your reports in India Today, Business Today and Mail Today. The London Tabloid – Daily Mail to carried the news and gave us due credit. Here is what they reported:

Delhi’s popular fashion and lifestyle blog was the first to report Leno’s brush with Bollywood.

‘Leno kept the affair absolutely Desi and even had dancers doing the Bollywood jhatkas and matkas as the NANO with Tri-Colour stripes rolled in to his garage. The man bowed down in front of the world’s cheapest car with a traditional Namaskar (sic),’ read the entry.

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India Today also carried a similar report.

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2 Replies to “News of TATA NANO @ LENO’s Garage Goes VIRAL”

  1. liz khaute says:

    I love reading your blog! Its so nice to see the blog getting acknowleged !! Cheers

  2. jack says:

    Thank you Liz. Hope to live up to your expectations!

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