Who Is This Kanika Chandok?

Well Kanika Chandok is a NRI – a Londoner who gets fancy things written about her in Indian Mags and Dubai glossies. A mother of three – Kanika Chandok has separated from her hubby – Raj Chandok and is dating a Money-Bag – Anil Aggarwal. She is a typical ‘Trophy Wife’ material who claims to be “doing something great with Pucci.” You know what great thing she did with Pucci? Well Kanika Chandok managed the launch of Pucci’s flagship store in London. But ignorant scribes write, “Sharing a close relationship with fashion house, Pucci, Kanika is currently working on exclusive collaborations with the respected label.” I sent few mails to the Pucci HQ and got a rude reply that the Label has no collaborations with the mentioned lady.

She is also a musician and by sucking up the richie-rich Indians in UK managed to bag some vague award.

I believe that Kanika Chandok is friendly with our Desi Queen Bees and expect to see lot more of this multifaceted bag-hag in Delhi and Mumbai soon.


25 Replies to “Who Is This Kanika Chandok?”

  1. Anthead says:

    Isn’t Anil Aggarwal married? That would make her a Trophy mistress not potential Trophy Wife – unless she manages to get the wife kicked to the curb.

  2. Anthead says:

    Ha ha ha – this chick is such a paindu – hitched a ride to London by way of marriage, learnt to pronounce Pucci (easier than Yves St. Laurent), and now struts around. Check this out:

  3. mike1 says:

    Why do people come to India with fake stories and think we are chutias who will belive this crap ??

    There seems to be a serious influx of worse than refugee kind of people who have absolutely no pedigree whatsover ..

    Delhi has always been a city that has been plundered and looted by lodhis , mughals , the British etc , now the new war in Delhi is Debautchery and this is has begun to ruin delhi once again …. sad but true…

  4. Laveena says:

    I thought her name was Kanika Kapoor? Whatever said, she’s drop dead gorgeous! And her music posted here is really not that bad. Her twitter bio says Singer/Muscian/Designer – Designer? That’s questionable. And O my a mother of three! I guess it’s just easy for pretty people like her to get publicity.

  5. Laveena says:

    I like mike1’s comment where he says”Why do people come to India with fake stories and think we are chutias who will belive this crap ??” lol

  6. jack says:

    Hi Laveena,
    Kanika Kapoor is her maiden name and post marriage she became Kanika Chandok. But now that marriage is over!

  7. jack says:

    Mike people feed stories to scribes here but I blame those scribes who print everything that is spoon-fed and take no trouble of doing any kinda check. Pity the situation…

  8. neha says:

    She was seeing a guy in delhi too a couple of years ago

  9. sanjay says:

    Kanika did not ‘launch’ the Pucci store, she hosted sales by inviting her rich friends and making sure they dressed up by saying Vogue will cover the events.
    She did not win the AWA award, was only nominated. Good for her, she has certainly gone places!

  10. jacky says:

    hahaha guys – she’s a talented singer …..writing wrong stories about her is wrong.
    she’s a decent normal girl..whoes husband is having an affair and now spoiling her name like this !!

  11. jacky says:




  12. LOL says:

    Wow….. you guys have some serious time!!!!
    Its amazing how our fellow country men love to knock our own down as they find joy and happiness from it
    Kanika is first of all an amazing mother to three children, from what i know and also a great artist in her own right.
    Anthead (love the name by the way – just shows how big your tiny brain is), i like your comments on the Pucci and YSL (thats Yves Saint Laurent in short for you), when was the last time you ever visited these up market boutiques – did they let you in wearing your lungi and turban
    Mike wow your comments!!!!!! you realy need to get out more
    Its funny how all the spotlight is all on Kanika
    how about Raj Chandok (The trophy husband)

  13. shells says:

    this is actually hilarious! i know the family very well and this is all lies!! the so called ‘husband’ is the one having an affair! it is so obvious that they are trying their best to blacken her name!! all 3 of the daughter-in-laws married into this family have left…i leave you to judge for yourself!!

  14. LOL says:

    Sanjay wow!!! I thought I recognised you at the Pucci event that Kanika hosted and which was a great success. You were the one collecting people’s coats and bags!!!! Hope you have got a promotion if not I know some prominent NRI’s who need some domestic help in the house. Pleas apply within lol

  15. Anthead says:

    LOL – my sweets – are you seriously delusional enough to believe that anyone gives a flying eff about Pucci anymore? A lungi and turban combo sounds tres chic – don’t give Lagerfield ideas – who knows he may come up with some tweed lungis next.

    And just ’cause I’m cruel like that – the entire makeup line of your upmarket YSL (ha ha ha – still can’t pronounce Yves St. Laurent darling – awww poor you!) is made by L’Oreal and is identical to their low end stuff. I love how they fleece duffers who are overly impressed by upmarket boutiques.

  16. LOL says:

    Anthead – your name says it all!!!!!
    imagine how dull your life was before marrying your husband
    Doesnt matter how many lace saris or diamond pateks your wear you will always be a desi social wanna be!!! Good luck as you need it xxxx All the best

  17. jack says:

    Raj Chandok wis known to have an ego the size of Beckham, and I guess this ego got to him. He tried his best by making her a desi housewife by putting the bun in the oven 3 times but this bomb shell kept regainin her unbeleiveable figure and face. poor Raj try going to India again , and this thime hitch up with a decent educated girl not mujara dancer which you fell for

  18. terry says:

    she is real sexy and he is really ugly like ajay devgun . beauty and the beast

  19. Apple says:

    Stop hating people. She has achieved a lot and as a mother of 3 hats off to her. No girl wants her marriage to break, but will only tolerate so much. Her husband is having an affair and his brother has got divorced twice so just shows you what type of guys these are. People just dont have any respect – she is not a mujara dancer. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say it especially not a pack of lies.

  20. jacky says:

    talk about PRIYANKA GILL who s the bag hag and is sleeping with every uncle in town !!! off

  21. jacky says:

    apparently PRIYANKA GILL and CHANDOK don’t talk . priyanka get a life . u have no style . u are a slut . I’ve seen u hanging with men allover them without your husband . poor MR GILL is busy suing companies to make money haha!! and u r busy buying clothes that r too small for you . NOT IMPRESSED !!

  22. ananya says:

    i worked with her on a photoshoot – she was the sweetest, kindest girl who thanked me and respected me as a friend not just “another random makeup” artist like the other girls on the shoot. i do not care what these rumours and gossip coloumns say, i cannot imagine her every having an affair or wanting to break up her own marriage. she spoke so fondly and proudly of her kids showing me pictures and telling me how well they are doing in school. she was so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the shoot, the image you protray seems so far from the truth…

  23. kam says:

    Does an affair always involve sex ?

  24. Lampton Boy says:

    so sad

  25. Nikhil says:

    Kanika is the most egotistical person. I feel sorry for her family. She has an ego but not brains. One wonders why she has so many haters in London. Soon enough her new friends will know the real gold digger that she is.

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