Kanika (Chandok) Kapoor Mastered Bollywood’s ‘Art of Dirty Games’

Meet Bros_Kanika_Sunny Leone_Baby DollMy daahling ‘Gold Digger’, Kanika (Chandok) Kapoor sang a song in Ragini MMS 2 – ‘Baby Doll’. Yes she is a part-time singer and her new BFF – Ekta Kapoor gave her the chance to sing in a Bollywood flick. Baby Doll was composed by Kanika’s old friend and fellow NRI – Dr. Zeus but the poor guy never got any credit for composing the song. The ‘bhais’Meet Brothers usurped all the credit and Kanika Kapoor did not come forward to defend her old friend, Dr. Zeus. She gave dozens of interviews on Tv, newspapers and radio but never once did she come out with the truth that it was Dr. Zeus who composed ‘Baby Doll’ with her. She is like any of those ambitious climbers who are willing to trample on anybody and everybody to further their career. The word ‘ethics’ does not exist in Kanika Kapoor’s vocabulary just like it does not exist in Meet Brother’s lives and many such Bollywood denizens.

Zeus_Kanika_JugniThe Meet Brothers were brazen enough to say, ‘We are the “Bhais” of Bollywood and we will do what we want.’ Okay at least the brothers are honest about it but you Kanika, you better don’t claim yourself to be a friend of Dr. Zeus since you have forgotten things he had done for you and now you don’t need him so you rather side with the ‘Bhais’. Remember KARMA settle all accounts.

kanika_sunny24sunny-leoneEkta KapoorBy the way Kanika (Chandok) Kapoor thinks she is sexier than Sunny Leone. What do you say guys??? Now that Ekta Kapoor and Sunny Leone have fallen out, Kanika must be dreaming of bagging the lead role in the 3rd Edition of Ragini MMS!



15 Replies to “Kanika (Chandok) Kapoor Mastered Bollywood’s ‘Art of Dirty Games’”

  1. Laveena says:


    …yeah…also noticed that baketa is always switching around her female friends like ex lovers

    I like Sunny

  2. ngnm says:

    I for one wont mind seeing kanika in Ragini MMS 3!!! : drool:

  3. sneha says:

    She’s a bimbo. A golddigger wannabe. No doubt a nice voice. Was goin around with men in Delhi now Vedanta chief. Probably slept with ekta to get this break hahaha. Forgot zeus now. Job done !!! She was after sme eros guy in delhi too ! Vedanta ! Arcelor now maybe microsoft next I guess !!! Hahahahaha. Climbers !!!!

  4. Mira says:

    Ok it’s totally a different topic..but the curiosity is killing me….who is prerna subba and most importantly what does her boyfriend do??? …the reason I wanna know is….I saw her insta acct once…n the woman posts a fany buy every single day…..n she says her bf gifts her!!! She seems lovely from her comments though..but I wanna know who this bf is.thanks!!!

  5. Kaveri says:


    Are Ranbir & Katrina back together? Aren’t Alia/Ranbir dating ?

  6. sitashma says:

    She is from Darjeeling. I have no idea who her sugar daddy in Delhi is, but she sure has one. Someone who is not out in public. Interesting!

  7. Mira says:

    @sitashma……his name I think is om Gupta……u gotta see her insta acct…Seriously….the guy buys her entire collections!! N the woman posts a new buy every single day almost….

  8. Annie says:

    Not everything is riddled with scandals. Not everyone falls into the category of “sugar daddies” and their younger, hotter arm candies. No matter what direction the world may be heading, there are still people who are in love and respect each others individualism n differences enough to be in a solid relationship. I know prerna subba and her beau personally. You will not meet another couple who are as down to earth and lovely as they are. She is the sweetest human being on the planet and for any of you to assume otherwise without having known her is a shameful matter. By the way, sorry to throw water on your scandalous gossip ladies but her SO is not a “sugar daddy”, they are of the same age and have known each other for donkeys years (ever since they were in school). Theirs is a beautiful love story and it would be so nice if for once, people just respected that and stopped vulgarising it with their assumptions. Have a nice day.

  9. sitashma says:

    Thanks for the intel Annie. I guess we got the scoop out huh, Mira….wink wink… 🙂

  10. sitashma says:

    Thanks for the intel Annie. I guess we got the scoop out huh, Mira?….wink wink… 🙂

  11. Sawariya says:

    I am addicted to this song! Kanika can sing!

  12. rj says:

    @God_Shareef …..what do you have to say about this?

  13. God_Shareef says:

    This girl was noWhere in IPL.
    I did not see her.
    I have just read about this girl very recently.
    She looks damn hot (in pictures, i see).
    She’s sexXxo, fits into right slots, clicked with top foxXx.
    What else now…
    A movie land up.
    She will make it here.
    Ye jaane wali nahi hai kahin…
    I swear on some SRK.
    She has already mafia_ed with right contacts.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Whole maa fucKin life i have witnessed such glamDolls but believe me only 5% of them survive on their talent after being announced as some Ms Beauty or being helmed by the organisers “privately” to show & prove their talent/s in their private dome.
    By hook or crook they become what they wanted to be since their origin of pubic bush even in their distant dreams.
    And rest around 95% makes history at functions, as items ala this buddhi Sufie Chowdhry or stripping around some long chandelier hanged someWhere in the land of wells where sheikh’ism (please make sure you read it as ‘sheikh’ism’ AND not ‘Shaykhism’) promotes husn & shebaab together being served in trays full of gold & cash.
    You wan list of such ex actors in female category???
    I will not name. Wo galat ho jaayega.
    Uttna hi karo jo andar ka God, Shareef rahe.
    Bad curse takes away everything.
    Gunde Mahajan ki kasam.
    Khaandaan khatm ho jaati hai.
    Chalo i take just one single name.
    Subhaanshu Mittal ki kasam.
    This Deepti GhatNaagar made around 2 crores before 20 years ago, yesSs 20 years ago I repeat you &$@#.
    She made around 2 crores number 1 ka, via this channel only and you know by promoting what???
    She produced a programme about SPIRITUALITY.
    To aaise mein ye Kanikaah toh KUCH AUR HI promote karr rahi hai.
    So imagine how much she makes every single nite… mmm… i mean in a span of 24 hrs.

    Aye RJ (above ThinKer)
    Subah subah no panga please.
    Don play khujji-khujji with me. Its my morning time yaar.
    Mat subah subah logon ki pol khullwa.
    Get lost you $&$@
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Aapki manhoos badKismat God Shareef.
    Kya aapke andar ki God, Shareef hai???

  14. rj says:

    @god_shareef dude main toh is instagram girl ki baat kar rahi thi!!

  15. God_Shareef says:

    Aye aye aye RJ
    Tu HOGI Dude
    You ONLY wanted me to BESTOW my heartPour on this post & obviously Kanikaah is in the centrestage.
    AnyHow 🙂 🙂
    I maintained ke ye kahin nahi jaane waali.
    And hey look, how lucky she is…
    Kisika bhi baat karro but DISCUSS toh Kanikaah hi ho jaati hai.
    How sweet!!!

    Aapki khushNaseeb only @ fashScan
    Aapki God Shareef
    Kya aapke andar ki God, Shareef hai???
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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