Shootout @ Wadala Has A Star, A Pornstar & A Sidey Star To Woo The Crowd

Item Girls_Shootout at WadalaToday the much-awaited Shootout At Wadala releases. Sanjay Gupta, the director and Ekta Kapoor, the producer has ensured everything to make this movie a Box Office grosser. Besides a bevy of stars including John Abraham playing the lead, there is Anil Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Manoj Bajpayee, Ronit Roy and Tushaar Kapoor, the makers have roped in a star – Priyanka Chopra. a pornstar – Sunny Leone and a sidey – Sophie Choudry too to add to the titillation factor to woo the crowd.

Priyanka Chopra_Babli BadmaashSophie Choudry_Aala Re Aalasunny leone_ lailasunny-leone-shootout-wadala-10Priyanka Chopra dances to Babli Badmaash dressed in a leather cutout pantsuit and some heavy duty eye makeup. She is probably the most conservatively dressed item girl in the movie while Sunny Leone and Sophie Choudry go all out to titillate. Leone is seen in a low-cut blouse revealing much of her cleavage and the mound and a lehenga to up the sexy quotient in the Laila number.

sophie-shootout-at-wadala1Sophie Choudry sizzles in a tassled outfit and a bronze look in the song Aala Re Aala and shows the maximum flesh and flashes her knicker among the three item girls in Shootout At Wadala


6 Replies to “Shootout @ Wadala Has A Star, A Pornstar & A Sidey Star To Woo The Crowd”

  1. C.C says:

    curious- who is this sophie choudry? Where does she get all that monies from- to afford the lifestyle that she has!!!

  2. Snobby says:

    I don’t understand why Priyanka Chopra agreed to do an item song for this film. She demanded that it was cleanly pictured with clean lyrics. And to compensate the producer and director inserted 2 more vulgar item songs – one with a porn star too. Its sad really – what with the crimes against women and girls happening in this country. But how can we force an entire nation to respect women when women don’t respect themselves?

  3. Who Cares? says:

    CC, I would bet anything that she probably is a high class escort girl to rich folks either in India or outside. That or she’s someone’s keep. She’s been around for ages though…she should be well into her mid thirties by now, I would imagine

  4. WTH says:

    And we wonder why rapes happen so unceremoniously in this country.

  5. Manav says:

    I don’t understand this mentalility of “women don’t respect themselves”. The west has more vulgar songs than India..with much more vulgar lyrics and movements. But men there don’t make an excuse of these songs to rape women. It’s high time the Indian men stop blaming women for rapes. Gandgi tumhare dimag mei hai..ladkiyo kay kapdo mei nahi !

  6. Dexter says:

    I read somewhere that Sophie comes from a very wealthy family so all the money is courtesy being a rich brat. I doubt she is anyone’s keep. I can’t stand her though, she is a wannabe Kim Kardashian.

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